Wanted(Pretty little Liars)

By: Sara Shepard

Effective Ending Or Not???

I don't think that this book had an effective ending because it kept you thinking what happened next. Since this book is in a series, and there are more books after this this book keeps you wondering what will happen in the next book. As soon as you read this you would want to read the next one because this book is not the end and there's more going on in the series so you have to read the book after this. In this book there is a person who knows everything about the"Pretty Little Liars" and is called A. We wouldn't know who A is until we read the next book because the last page of this book was one of A's note.


I think the character that changed the most was Ali(Ali was pretending to be Courtney her twin sister)In the beggining of the book Ali was very innoccent and friendly to all of her 4 freinds because it had been a long time she had got hold of, them but at the end of the book she's trying to kill them and get rid of them so her secrets can be safe.

Palitha Reddy-Period#4


Author-Sara Shepard

Genre- Mystery


#Of Pages-272

Pretty Little Liars Book Trailer