Independent and Dependent Clauses

By: Christian Dixon & Dahlya Anderson

What is a Independent Clause ?

A Independent Clause is a sentence that has a subject & a verb to make it a complete sentence.

*Suboardinating and coordinating conjunctions could be used in either independent or dependent sentences.

What is a Dependent Clause ?

A Dependent Clause is a sentence that has a subject & a verb but is NOT in a complete thought, which it couldn't be a sentence.

Examples for Independent & Dependent sentences

  • Independent clauses-
  • I enjoy sitting by the fireplace and reading.
  • Waiting to have my car’s oil changed is boring.
  • She wants to travel the world and see wonderful sights.
  • Our planets revolve around the sun.
  • The professor always comes to class fully prepared.
  • Hurricanes strengthen over warm waters

  • Dependent clauses-

    When the president arrives

  • Because I can’t wait for the bus
  • As if he knew what was going to happen
  • Than his sister can
  • If you can work on Sundays
  • Until the sun sets
  • While flowers continue to bloom
  • *As this sentences are shown above, it uses suboardinating and "FANBOYS,but not in a complete thought.


    Are the sentences dependent or indepedndent clauses ?

    1) I know the students will pass the CRCT.

    a.independent clause b.dependent clause

    2)Listening to my teacher.

    a.independent clause b.dependent clause

    3)The test was easy,because I studied and practiced every night.

    a.indendent clause b.dependent clause