Gator Gazette

Learning Together in March

March Madness

I chose this background because I felt that it represented the pace at which all of us are currently moving. Just walking down the hall you get a sense that everyone is in high gear. You have so much and so many competing for your time and attention. I would like to remind you that you are conquerors. You are doing a masterful job of overcoming the deficit that the inclement weather caused. Your Open House victory was apparent to all. You are all poised and ready to slay the STAAR. You are daily showing your kids and your peers that success is born of hard work and determination. I am tearing up the bracket that had SMU, Baylor and UT winning and making a new one. I have my money on you.

Virginia, thank you for navigating students and parents to deliver an amazing Talent Show!

Want To Be More Connected?

Twitter is a great place to find and store scholarly articles and videos. Many teachers (myself included) use Twitter as a professional learning tool to network and find interesting articles and blogposts about all things education. Your Twitter account can act as a virtual file cabinet. By retweeting an article you are saving it as well as sharing it. If you do not have, but would like to have a Twitter account, let me know and I will help you set one up. I can also help you create a website or even create one for you or your grade level. Here is the one I created for ASPIRE Academy. Let me know if you would like one for your grade level or classroom. I am always looking for ways to serve you.

Spring is in Bloom

Some days being full of sunshine and smiles is easy. Some days it's a struggle. Life is full of things we can control or change, but many things we cannot. This short Stephen Covey video suggests that we focus on the things we can control, that choosing your mood is one step to a more fulfilled life. This is a season when, as educators, we begin to feel that more and more things are out of our circle of influence or control. Take some time to look at all that is growing around you, your circle of influence, and know that you have been an integral part of that growth. You've planted seeds and now they are blooming. Welcome Spring!