Civil war

weapons/tactics in the civil war


There was a variety of weapons used in the civil war.weapons included swords,pistols,and rifles.Because the civil war was the bloodiest war we had it had to include new type of artillery .For example new grenades and the new machine gun.

Swords and pistols

There was 10 types of swords in the civil war.Swords were used to fight in the hand to hand combat.swords were used in calvary warfare.Pistols were also used.There was over 10 types of pistols used.Some examples are Colt model 1848(baby dragoon),Colt 45/peacemaker,Stocking model 1850(pepperbox)

New grenades and machine gun

The Gatling gun, a six-barreled piece that was capable of firing up to 350 rounds a minute. The most popular model was the Union-issued Ketchum grenade, a projectile explosive that was thrown like a dart. The grenades came in one-, three- and five-pound models equipped with stabilizer fins and a nose-mounted plunger.


Hit and run tactics were used mostly by the south.This was known as guerilla warfare.Guerilla warfare included ambush,killing in small groups,sabatoge,and raids.

North used head to head combat because of the advance in weapons that they had .both sides used calvary.