St Mary's School

Friday 1st October

"As it is, these remain: faith, hope and love, the three of them; and the greatest of them is love." Corinthians, 13 – 13

Dear whānau, tamariki and parishioners,

This week we welcome Harriet Moseby to school. What a great week to start with our celebrations of Catholic schools day, and only having a few days before a two week holiday! We are really pleased to welcome you Harriet.

God bless, kia kaha, Annie

Catholic Schools Day

Wednesday was a cracker of a day. Grace and Lia led the whole school in prayer and shared the Catholic Schools video which is on the NZCEO website. If you open the link you just need to scroll down to find some children that you may recognise.

Of course we marked the day with some interclass games and Mr Whippy. You can't beat a Mr Whippy in the rain.

Room Moa writing

Maui and the Big Taniwha

A long time ago, in Maruawai, in a land called Aotearoa, named after the land of the long white cloud, there lived a boy named Maui. He had four brothers and one sister. He had a mum and a dad, their names were Makeatutara and Taranga .

The brothers liked to go fishing together. They went hunting for their mum to get some food. It was almost Matariki and they were having a party. The whole town was invited. It was Maui and his brother's job to catch some trout for the party and some eels too.

Maui and his brothers were walking to the river when all of a sudden, all of the people were screaming and running, yelling “MONSTER”!

Maui and the brothers were looking up and down the river. Maui asked his brothers “what do you think it is?”. The brothers said to Maui “we don’t know”. “Let's go down and have a look, “ said Maui. When they got closer they saw a “TANIWHA”!!! grabbing and eating the brown and rainbow trout, the eels too.

Maui had to do something quickly. He and his brothers got some harakeke and weaved it to make a net. They took the net down to the river bank. Maui said to the taniwha “Haha, you can't catch me, big fat monster!” The taniwha got angry and started raging at Maui. Maui yelled “NOW!” The brothers caught the taniwha in their net. Maui said to the taniwha “you have to leave Maruawai, now go to the south of the river and stop at the sweeping bend.“ Maui caught so many fish that he and Maruawai celebrated Matariki for a whole month.

By Mia Brock

Maui and the Taniwha of Maruawai

A long time ago, at the bottom of Aotearoa, stood a large Village called Maruawai. In the centre of the Village, there was a garden. Just down the path was a tall cottage that belonged to Maui.

Inside the cottage there was a bit of fuss going on as Maui's Mother, Makeatutara, was planning a Matariki celebration.

She asked Maui and his brothers to go down to the river and get a large catch. On the journey, they passed time by bragging about who would get the most fish.

They were only half way there when they started to see people running to the Village. They had no clue what it was that made them run but they knew it was scary.

They carried on toward the river. When they got there a big figure emerged from the water. It didn't take long for them to realise what it was because everyone was yelling “Taniwha! Taniwha!” The Taniwha was eating all the fish.

Maui had a plan. Maui and his brothers gathered harakeke to make a giant net. They tied it to the back of the waka. They put some bait in it and the Taniwha came strolling towards them.

Maui shouted “now!” and Maui's brothers threw the net over the taniwha. They hauled him onto the waka and tossed him out to sea. Maui and his brothers went back to the river and got enough fish to feed everyone.

Nowadays the Taniwha gets to eat as much fish as it wants and the people can fish in the river again.

By Libby Hoyle

Sacramental programme

We are looking forward to celebrating the Sacrament of First Holy Communion on 31st October this year.

Tech Summit for Kids 2021

Thank you to all the students who submitted logos for the Tech Summit competition. For those who don't know about our summit it is like a google roadshow but led by our students. Our older students will lead each other, and some younger students to develop their digital skills. It really was a great success last time, and this time we will be welcoming students from St Theresa's Invercargill to join in the learning.

As part of the preparation for the summit we invited senior students to create a logo for the event. We had some great entries from both schools. The winning design is pictured here, and it was created by Mika Leviste from St Theresa's.

Te kupu o te wiki - the word of the week

The word this week is from our school values and the Theological virtues - FAITH, in te reo you can say WHAKAPONO. At St Mary's when we talk about faith|whakapono we use Catherine McAuley's words: Put your whole confidence in God.

Term 4 dates

Throughout the month of October the school prays a decade of the Rosary together every morning. If you have some prayer intentions please let us know and we will say a decade for you.

Week 1 18-22 October

Mrs Nelson on prayers

Mission Day Friday – no assembly

Week 2 25-29 October

Room Bellbird, Mrs Cruickshank and Mrs Thacker prayers and Gospel

Labour day 25th – school closed

Shake Down 28th October

Bellbird Class Mass Thursday 28th 1:45pm

Sunday 31st - Whole School Mass - First Holy Communion Sunday 31st October, meet in the quad

Week 3 1-5. November

Room Kereru, Mrs Knowler prayers and Gospel

Kereru Class Mass Thursday 4th Nov 1.45pm

Senior Production

St James Theatre 1 - 4th November

Week 4 8-12 November

Room Tui, Miss Smith prayers

Kids Summit with St Theresa’s Tuesday 9th November

Armistice Day with Stretch and Aaron Thursday 11th Nov

Tui Class Mass Thursday 11th November 1.45pm

Teacher Only Day Friday 12th November

Week 5 15-19 November

Room Ruru, Mrs Butterfield on prayers and Gospel

Science Roadshow for Year 5 & 6 Friday 19th Nov 10:35- 11:55am

Ruru Class Mass Thursday 18th Nov 1.45pm

Welcome Liturgy Friday 19th 2pm

Week 6 22-26 November

Room Kea, Mr Sutherland prayers and Gospel

Georgia in for Rippa Y3 – 6 Monday 22nd November

Kea Class Mass Thursday 25th Nov 1.45

Convent Cup Friday 26th Nov at Verdon College

Week 7 29-3 December

Room Piwakawaka, Miss Sutherland prayers and Gospel

Levi bike show Friday 29th Oct 11.30am juniors 12.30pm seniors

Week 8 6-10 December

Room Moa, Miss Hool prayers and Gospel

Junior Nativity 9th December 6pm

Final Leavers Assembly Friday 10th December

Week 9 13-16 December

Year 6 leavers – Miss Bond, Mrs Hansen and Mrs Gray prayers and Gospel

School finishes at the usual time but we are all back for the End of year Mass at 5.45 in the quad

Mass Thursday 16th December 6pm