Tanks of world war 1 and 2

Raven Velarde Martin

Who created tanks

Lancelot de mole was a Australian engineer and inventor. He made several approaches to the British authorities in 1912, 1914 and in 1916 in relation what would become the tank. It was ahead of time because in 1912 such a military device had not risen.

Why do tanks have treads not wheels

Trench war was a big part of world war 1. When men ran out of the trench were immediately shot by the other faction that's why they created the tank. Bullet proof and with catapillar track they could go over mud, water, and best of all it could go over trenches with out even a scratch. Wheels would get stuck in mud water and get stuck in trenches.

Why were tanks a big part of the war

Tanks could act like barricades to troops because they are bullet proof. They also could be used as heavy infantry. And were good because they could go almost anywhere. Also they could be guards for supply trucks. In war supplying your troops is big. That's why Hitler lost. He had war with Russia and France and could not supply his troops. On top of that the same thing happened to Napoleon who had a war on two fronts.

Why did church hill name his own tank

The church hill tank was a Russian tank named by leyshin . The church hill tank was a heavy tank but had three weaknesses. The Panzertank,tiger tank,and the maus tank. So in the end church did not name a tank. The church hill tank was made by Russians who made over a million church hill tanks. Great Britain made as many as 6 church hill tanks.

Why did we use tanks

The United States started using tanks because they were bulletproof. They take a rocket or two to destroy. Also a ton of men would not get shot by enemies and could go where men could not on their own. Like straight into open combat. Or be able to blow up bunkers and enemy buildings. Or letting infantry have a better advantage of not dying in the battlefield.
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Fun facts

  • The most devastating weapon is the the nuke nuclear,radiological,chemical,biological
  • Today Russia has the most tanks
  • The U.S. Has the most updated tanks
  • Schwer Gustavo has the biggest gun ever. It also weighs 280 tons and only fires 14 rounds a day
  • The biggest tank ever built by Germany landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte weighs 188 tons


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