Tech Tips #2.08

Week of October 13, 2014

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ClassFlow is a free cloud-based teaching and learning platform by Promethean that makes lesson planning easier and lesson delivery more dynamic by engaging students via mobile devices or ActivExpression clickers.

Suggestions for Use

  • Teachers create interactive lessons anytime, anywhere on an internet enabled device.
  • Use mobile devices to put information in student hands.
  • Send questions to student devices to receive immediate feedback on comprehension. Questions include creative (drawing and/or image), word seed, true/false, yes/no, multiple choice, scale, text, and number.
  • Import PowerPoint Slides or Promethean ActivInspire Flipcharts to ClassFlow.
ClassFlow Website

Click above to create a FREE account now! Sometime in the future, ClassFlow will be subscription based. If you register now, you will always be FREE!

ClassFlow: How to create your first ClassFlow lesson
ClassFlow QuickGuide PDF

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Import Existing Files

You can directly import existing Promethean ActivInspire files and SMART Notebook files.

NOTE: Not all of the features these files will be imported into ClassFlow.

Importing a PowerPoint file can be accomplished in one of two ways.

  • Import the PowerPoint file into ActivInspire first, save it as an ActivInspire FlipChart, and finally import into ClassFlow.
  • Save the PowerPoint slides as images and import the images into ClassFlow. See below for a video explanation of this method.
ClassFlow: How To Import PowerPoint® Slides into ClassFlow
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Video Webinars

Click here to view live and on demand webinars.

Featured topics include:

  • Making it Easy with ClassFlow
  • Back to School with ClassFlow for Administrators
  • What's New in ClassFlow?
  • Creating Formative Assessment Opportunites
  • Making Lessons Relevant
  • Using the ClassFlow Apps to Boost Interactivity and Creativity

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