by- esmeralda flores

Federalists-state's debt

The federalists believed that the national gov't should assume all state's debts and should fund debts at full value. This would ensure confidence in american economy and help consolidate american debts. They also thought that a strong national gov't is necessary to provide economic and political order and that the elite should rule over the masses.

Federalists- creation of national bank

The federalists and republicans argued in order to create the national bank. Federalists argued that congress had been granted the authority to make all laws that were necessary and proper to the execution or its powers. The federalists finally came to an agreement that the republicans would support the assumption of the state's debts as long as the federalists agreed to move the nation's capital to the banks of the Potomac river.

Federalists- French revolution

The federalists sided with Britain to secure the trade market. The united states were deciding which side to take but George Washington issued A PROCLAMATION OF NEUTRALITY as the united states attempted to remain neutral.

Federalists- Power of national gov't

The federalists wanted the gov't to be centralized, highly organized and they wanted the power in the hands of the aristocracy, the elite. They were quite distressful of the masses. The federalists wanted a strong central national gov't. Washington supposed that in order to have the power of the national gov;t they had to make Hamilton's ideas become important.

Federalists- Alien and sedition acts

The federalists passed the alien and sedition acts which were designed to silence and weaken the democratic party and to silence its newspapers. Some democratic republicans disagreed to this law and started protesting against it. The democratic republicans thought they should be able to speak their opinions and not be silenced by the federalists so they started going against their laws.

Federalists- War with Britain in 1812

In 1812 the united states declared war on Great Britain. The war of 1812 brought a new surge of nationalism. Soon the federalists had no control over the national policy. They grew more frustrated as the war dragged on. The u.s suffered frequent reversals on land, opposition to the war extended beyond federalists leaders. The war ended as soon as peace was concluded between the federalists and the democratic republicans.

Who were the national leaders of the federalists

George Washington And Alexander Hamilton