famers in Ancient Egypt

By ben L

Farming seasons

the Ancient Egyptian farmers divided their farming into 3 seasons. The Inundation (Akhet) June to September was the flooding season.Growing (Peret) October to February came next. the farmers would start to plant their crops (below). Harvest (Shemu) March to May was last. the farmers started to harvest their crops when they are ready.


The crops that the Ancient Egyptians grew were: wheat, barley, flax, onions, leeks, garlic, beans, lettuce, lentils, cabbages, radishes, turnips, grapes, figs, plums and melons. They also made cloth and linen.

After the Havest

Once the haverst had been collected, it was made into difernt things that were needed in daliy life. For example wheat was made into bread, barley was made into beer and flax was made into linen cloth.

Animals on the farm

The Ancient Egyptians also looked after animals on their farms as well as crops. those animals were: Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, goats and oxen were raised to provied milk, meat and hides and they also helped with the havest.


All infomation was from this web page.