Hoot N Holla

January 2014

New Start

Welcome to 2014! I can't believe it is already January. This year is going to be so exciting. We are a growing team and that is awesome. Because everyone wants something different out of their business I am going to take a more personal approach to our team. For my first line I will be making weekly calls to each of you, pending you being up to that. They will be 15-30 minutes and will allow us to touch base and really work together as a team. If weekly isn't for you just let me know and we will schedule something else. If you are in my second line and would like to talk we can schedule something as well. Please email me or shoot me a text with what day of the week works best for you. I like to do most calls between 4-5 but do have other times available!

Team Challenge

Are you in?

As most of you have seen on our Facebook team page we have a two month challenge going on.

In January and February when you hold 3 IN HOME parties each month with a party subtotal of $500 each and have the party closed out within 10 days do the party date you qualify for my incentive. I'm not sharing with you what that incentive is BUT it will be good and have a minimum value of $75!

I must know when your party is before the party happens and also the subtotal when you close it out. So be sure to email me a teamhootnholla@gmail.com with that information.

What will you do to help your hostess reach the $500 goal?

Let's Take Flight

A Dream Interview

Every great idea started with a dream. O2 started with Bella's dream of purchasing a vehicle for her 16th birthday. Let's spend some time dreaming. You may be surprised where your dream takes you. Please take the time to answer the following questions and be ready to share the answers with me on our first weekly chat.

I joined Origami Owl to:

~ Earn extra money

~ Earn an income of $500 a month

~ Earn over $1000 a month

~ Earn over $2000 a month

Ask Yourself:

~ What attracted you to the opportunity?

~ What do you want for you or your family that you don't have today?

~ What would you do with an extra $1000 per month?

~ What would you do with an extra $2500 per month?

~ Describe your dream job

Business Must Dos

Are you doing the following?

- Logging into back office to check product availability on a daily basis

- Watching the Monday/Thursday webinars in a timely manner to make sure you are in the know

- Using the pre-made lists in back office for host coaching, party summaries, and other check lists

- Keeping track of your daily, weekly and months expenses

- Using a schedule for your social media posts

- Having fun?

SOAR- Regional Meeting

Saturday, Jan. 25th, 8am

Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Please let me know if you are attending this event. You had to register with Origami Owl directly.

Team SOAR Meeting

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 8am

Frederick, MD, United States

Frederick, MD

This is a $15 event for Julie's team. You need to register with her if interested. Please let me know if you are attending.

Team Hoot N Holla Monthly Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 6th, 6:30-8pm

2801 East Market Street

York, PA

We will not be having a January meeting due to starting the one on one calls as well as having the regional meeting during that month.

Please be ready to hear all about what was shared with me at regionals during our February gathering.

Please RSVP on our Facebook event for this meeting. Accurate head count needed for handouts.

Getting to know Team Hoot N Holla

Rachel Quinn

Team Leader #7093

With O2 for 1 year. Mother of 1 little lady, Mackenzie, who just turned 10- which isn't possible because I'm only 21! Married to Colin for 10 years. Full time job as a Logistics Coordinator at DCI Management for the last 8 years. Love to travel, Disney, summer home in the "mountains" (union county), movies, Grey's Anatomy, Nashville, Dexter... This list could go on and on. Girl Scout leader for the last 5 years. Love to chill with my parents. Plan on quitting my full time job when I hit ETL level. Really love all aspects of business management and very luckily that I get to use my college education every day and on many different levels.