Justin Wedes

Parker Doucette Period 1

Who Is Justin Wedes?

Justin Wedes is one of the main organizer for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. This movement began on September 17, 2011 and has continued to this day. The Occupy Wall Street Movement represents the bottom 99% of Americans who do not have the combined wealth of the top 1%. They also wish to reform in social inequality, greed, and corruption.
What We Saw at Occupy Wall Street's May Day Protest in NYC

His Connection to Thoreau's Philosophy

Justin Wedes and Henry David Thoreau share many of the same points of philosophy such as wanting the end of particular issues at the time whether it be slavery or the division of wealth in America. Henry David Thoreau was very anxious to come about "the abolition of slavery in America" because he realized that it posed a threat to American ideals due to the lack of freedom that slaves experienced in this supposedly free country. Similarly Justin Wedes believes that we Americans need to do away with the wealth division because it creates a society where not all are created equal because some can be born into more financially secure families. As well as wanting to end issues of the time they have the fact of tax evasion in common. Henry David Thoreau encouraged many of his followers to not pay taxes because "to pay them...[would]... enable the State to commit violence". Similarly in the Wall Street Movement it is suspected that nearly 40% of the protestors have committed tax evasion either because they want to rebel in this way or because they cannot afford it.