Joseph Pulitzer

A famus Jourilist

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early years

Joseph Pulitzer was born on April 10, 1847. Joseph came from a large family in Mako, Hungary. When he was a young boy he and his family were very well educated and cultured, and even learned to speak German and French. When Joseph´s father died, his mother remarried Max Blau whom Joseph did not like, and because of that

he moved out of the house at only 17 years old. After that he knew he wanted to be a soldier, so first he tried to enroll in the Foreign Legion to fight in Mexico. Soon after that he got rejected because of his youth and physical weakness. Finally, after 2 tries he got to be a part of the union army to fight in the Civil War. After that he decided that the military was not right for him, so then in 1865, he left the military after the victory parade in Washington D.C.

Moving to Saint Louis

Then he moved to Saint Louis, and he arrived there on October 10, 1865. After that, he got married on June 19, 1878. Later that year he got into the newspaper business, and soon later he bought his very own newspaper for 2,500. Later he combined newspapers with his rival and combined the names and made The Post-Dispatch. He had his first child in June 1879 whose name was Ŕalph. Joseph´s business partner introduced him to the political life of Missouri and he was sent to the state capitol Jefferson city. In September 1880, his daughter was born and his second daughter was born in June 1882. Soon after Joseph and Ralph became very ill, so the family moved to Europe and hoped that they would get better. Sadly one of his daughters named Katherine died in 1884. Then in 1885 his son Joseph Jr. was born. Then later his daughter Edith was born 1886, and next his daughter Constance was born 1888.

Later years

In 1895, his last and favourite son Herbert was born. From 1896 to 1898 Joseph waged one of the most shameful newspaper battles of his life. It was a battle for circulation against William Randolph Hearst a multiple


. When Pulitzer was older he started living on his yacht because of his many medical issues, but he still ran his newspaper. He then later died on his yacht from heart failure. Joseph Pulitzer lived to be 64 years old and was buried in the Bronx at the Woodland Cemetery.


On December 9, 1878, Joseph bought his first newspaper for 2,500 dollars. Then he combined newspapers with his rival to create the post-dispatch. He then later bought the New York World. Joseph Pulitzer won a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives in 1869, and then later won a seat in the U.S House of Representatives in 1885. Later he decided that he had far more power in newspaper publishing than politics, so 4 months after being elected he resigned. The Pulitzer Prize Which is named after Joseph Pulitzer is won for achievements in Journalism, literature, music, and art.

Charector traits

By the time Joseph was a young boy he was a very determined person. He got rejected twice but he still tried to be a soldier and later succeeded. He was even made fun of a lot in the military but he did not stop. He was nearly blind by the time he was an older man, but he still ran his newspaper. Joseph was also a very competitive person. He was trying to run the best newspaper. He was always having newspaper battles left and right. He was also very talented. For example, even when he was younger he was very good in the newspaper business. He created a new style of newspaper that was very successful. He was also very good at getting people to buy newspapers. Evan today Joseph Pulitzer teaches people that


not matter if you get made fun of just keep working hard and you will succeed in life.
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