Eating Disorders/Excessive Exercise

Causes and Effects, What you should know. (by Angil Lonzon)

What Are Some Signs of Eating Disorders?

  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness
  • A marked loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Decreased energy
  • Suicidal ideas or attempts
  • Irritability, hostility or aggression

What Are The Symptoms of Eating Disorders?

There are both physical and emotional effects of having an Eating Disorder.

The physical symptoms include a wide range from severe weight loss to severe weight gain. Sickly complexion and drawn attributes are standard indicators of the malnourishment caused by anorexia. Bad breath and decayed teeth are indicative of bulimia.

The emotional symptoms are varied as the causes. They can have serious consequences and if you are feeling the effects of an eating disorder do not hesitate to call a doctor or someone that can help treat you.

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Excessive Exercise

A lot of patients who have eating disorders describe that they might exercise a lot at an attempt for weight loss, but excessive exercise is not healthy.

What Are Some Reasons Why People Over Exercise?

Most reasons people over exercise have to do with the feeling of not being "good enough" or having the "perfect" or "beautiful" body.

What Are The Effects Of Over Exercising?

Just like having an eating disorder, over exercising has both physical and emotional effects.

A persons emotional effects can include a deterioration in personal relationships as a result of their frustrations and compulsions from school or work.

A persons physical effects can include the unawareness of dehydration. Insomnia, depressions, anxiety, and fatigue can be effects of compulsive exercise. Muscular atrophy is also a side effect and so are skeletal injuries like arthritis, bone fracture, and/or damage to cartilage and ligaments. Over exercising can lead to the release of excessive free radicals, which have been associated to cancer and cellular mutations.