China's Algae Problems

By: Matt P. Georgiou

Water for Life

Algae is becoming a giant problem for many countries now of days. Near the shore algae blooms and dead zones are growing larger. This problem is endangering important fisheries and drinking water sources. For many years now scientists have done lots of research on for many many years.

Algae is Taking Over China

Algae is Becoming Greater in China Than Ever

Algae in China is growing every year. Industries when they pour the waste out and the nutrients feed the algae then. The Chinese are using too many extra materials and what comes along with that is a lot of extra wastes that is poured into the lakes streams oceans. The Chinese added cyanobacteria to their water supplies thinking it is was going to help and instead of helping it just made the problem worst.

There are Effects of this Algae are Being Found Almost Everyday

Algae is causing many problems now than ever for China. One of these problems are that they have been finding more red and poisonous than ever. People have start swimming in the red algae waters and now people are getting really sick cause scientist did not know about any of this red algae till now.

There have not been any Solutions that have Worked Yet

No solution has been found yet. Scientist have worked their tails off to find solutions for this problem though.