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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of the 2020/2021 Findley Kids Newspaper. We will have many interesting articles, fun games, and great stories made by us!

Current Events by Akanksha

Right now there are quite a few things going on. There is the book bus. Now that we don’t go to school we can take books online from Destiny and get them from the Findley Library. You can collect the books from the school or if your house is near one of the listed bus stops you can go on a specific day to get your books.

Thanksgiving is coming up, so make sure to be thankful for everything that we have.

There is also a virtual recess for each grade, each grade will have a designated time to attend a specific zoom meeting to have some fun!

There is a virtual passport club for grades 2-5. Even though we are all stuck at our homes, we can still travel the world!

Remember to stay safe and have a great day. We got this!

New Book Bus Schedule

Mrs. Etter and Mrs. Vennes have been doing an awesome job making sure we all have books. Thanks You!! They will be delivering books on Wednesdays now. Here's the new schedule. Take a look!
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Calendar of Events by Rishan

No School Days - November

11/04/2020 (Wed) - Veterans Day

11/13/2020 (Fri) - Staff Work Day

11/25/2020 (Wed) through 11/27/2020 (Fri) -Thanksgiving Break

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Fall Fun Facts by Story

  1. The biggest pumpkin was 3,699 pounds

  2. The colors of leaves in Fall can sometimes be seen from space because they’re so bright!

  3. Some birds hide seeds in trees in the fall. To remember where they put them, their brains grow larger.

  4. The fall equinox is a holiday in Japan

  5. Ladybugs eat aphids (another type of bug) to store up for hibernation.

  6. Autumn is the fancy name for fall, but both names are used.

I hope you enjoyed some fun Fall facts!

(Fun facts from National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Weird but True, Webster Dictionary and Today’s Parent Website.)

Fun Facts

Topic - Thanksgiving

By Rishan Chakraborty

Hello, everyone! I’m Rishan, and I’m going to tell you 10 fun facts about Thanksgiving that I found interesting. Let’s begin!

  1. The first Thanksgiving was a three-day event.

  2. Thomas Jefferson refused to declare Thanksgiving a holiday.

  3. The author of “Mary had a Little Lamb” convinced President Lincoln to make Thanksgiving an official holiday.

  4. Americans prepare about 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving every year.

  5. America’s first turkey trot, a kind of footrace, took place over a century ago.

  6. Only male turkeys gobble.

  7. Many Americans like Thanksgiving leftovers more than the actual meal.

  8. Four places in the U.S. are named Turkey.

  9. Americans eat about 50 million pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving (could you eat that many? I think not…).

  10. More Americans prefer apple pie over pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts. Have a nice day!


Jokes and Riddles by Rishan

Q: What kinds of keys can’t unlock anything?

A: Turkeys, donkeys, and monkeys.

Q: What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter around Thanksgiving time?

A: Quack, quack!

Q: Why did the Pilgrims want to sail in the Spring?

A: Because April showers bring Mayflowers!

Q: What do vampires call Thanksgiving?

A: Fangs-giving

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Norma Lee.

Norma Lee who?

Norma Lee, I don’t eat this much.


Public Service Announcement - The Importance of Hand Washing! by Gautham

Handwashing Video

Reading Recommendations by Ayushka


  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

  • Pete the Cat

1st Grade

  • Mercy Watson

  • Junie B. Jones

2nd Grade

Book Titles

  • Magic Tree house

  • Alvin Ho


  • Raina Telgamier

3rd Grade

Book Titles

  • The One and Only Ivan

  • Wonder


  • Katherine Applegate

4th Grade

Book Titles

  • Out of my mind

  • Joshua Dread


  • Rick Riordan

5th Grade

Book Titles

  • A Wrinkle in Time

  • Esperanza Rising

Arts & Crafts with Story

Hello everyone! This is Story, giving you some awesome arts and crafts to do! There are three different crafts for you to work on, and you can choose which one (or ones) you want to do!

Awesome recipes that EVERYONE can enjoy! By: Asmitha

Before we start I just wanted to say that you first need parent PERMISSION before you start. And you might want parent supervision if you are 3rd grade or under because we might be using the oven in these recipes :) And lastly have fun and enjoy!

Recipe One for November!

Caramel Apples!

Before you start, assemble your equipment and ingredients You'll need:

  • small saucepan

  • wooden spoon or plastic spatula

  • wooden pointed sticks

  • large shallow plate for toppings

  • Carmel Candy

  • Apples

  • Treats like raisins or chocolate

First is melting the candies! I recommend Kraft brand caramels.

Don’t melt the candies for too long. If you burn them the caramel might taste bitter!

(For this part you might need adult supervision.)

Next get your crispy green apples - the base of the dessert! Pop an apple onto a big stick. (not a stick from outside!) Then ask an adult to pour the caramel into a big bowl.

After that slowly dip the apple into the caramel

Once that's done, put some goodies in a big bowl. You can add crushed peanuts, crushed chocolates, raisins, etc. Then dip the caramel apple into the goodies.

Once you cover the apple fully, you may let the apple sit for a while then enjoy your delicious treat! ENJOY!

Creative Writing by Gautham

School For Owl - Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Little Owl thought he was lonely. He wanted to play, laugh, and talk with people. But he didn’t have friends since he spent most of his time in his house. One morning Owl’s father told him to pack up since he’s going to school. Owl was scared. He wondered, What’s school? “Are there mean people there? What if there are monsters!”

Owl put his lunch bag in his backpack and went onto the bus which was waiting for him outside. He stepped in and took the seat all the way in the back not looking at anyone. Suddenly he heard “Hey are you new cause we are. You wanna sit with us?” It was a Duck. She said it all so fast that he had to rethink what she said. “Me?” he asked, looking around to see if she was talking to anyone else. “Yes, you,” said the horse sitting beside her. He sat down next to them with a grin. “These people aren’t mean,” he thought. “I am Ducky, and this is Horseshoe!” she said. He went to school and talked with his new friends. He found out that they had so much in common! One thing for sure is that they all like pizza.

Owl was smiling brighter than the sun when he went back home. He told his parents that he met Ducky the Duck, Horseshoe the Horse, Spiky the Hedgehog, and Max the Monster (Monsters can be good to you know.)! His parents were glad. They told him, “No one is ever alone.”



Last assembly was the first assembly for the new school year so we introduced all the staff members at Findley. They have all put so much work into making Findley a better place! *Applause* There was also the book bus to talk about. Make sure to read those books! The librarians are so kind to still let us check out books. We also had some new Dragon Riders for this fall!


The November assembly was a great one! We got to know the teachers goals and how they achieved them. We also got to know about Where in Portland is Dr. Marsh. The Dragon Riders gave clues to where she might be. So get thinking! We also have an art lit lesson about color. We will be building a color wheel from items around our house. There is also an online passport club. In the assembly we also talked about setting goals for ourselves and how to achieve them. Now that we’ve gotten a sense of distance learning it is important we think about setting goals for ourselves. This time’s assembly was a blast, and we sure did learn a lot of stuff!

That's all folks!

Thanks for reading - see you next month.

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