By : Tom Moore

Sulfur's History

  • The Discoverer is Unknown
  • The Date Discovered is Unknown
  • The Name is Derived Either From the Sanskrit 'sulvere', or the Latin 'sulfurium'.
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Properties of Sulfur

  • The Atomic Number is 16
  • The Atomic Weight is 32
  • The Number of Protons is 16
  • The Number of Neutrons is 16
  • The Number of Electrons is 16

The Physical Description of Sulfur

  • Sulfur can be Found in Hot Springs or Volcanic Regions
  • Sulfur Is a Yellow Brittle Solid

Uses Of Sulfur

  • Sulfur is Used in Your Body for Things Like Proteins
  • Sulfur can be Used in Medical Applications

Physical Properties of Sulfur

  • The Boiling point of Sulfur is 832.4
  • The Melting Point of Sulfur is 239.4
  • The Density of Sulfur is 2