Abbotsford MF Soccer Club

Small Sided Games Quiz Results

The Results are IN!

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for being such good participants in our Small Sided Game Clinic these past two evenings. have all PASSED!

I thought I'd share that news with you all so you can rest easy and begin preparations for beginning your career in officiating.

I'm rather tied up the next few days but I'll have your quizzes and badges down at the soccer office at Bateman Park as of Monday for pick up. As I mentioned prior to the quiz, there are some tricky questions that need to be read very carefully. A few of you got tripped up on some wording.

Some other questions can be interpreted in different ways so, even though I may have marked them according to BC Soccer standards, I am allowed some leeway in awarding marks given how well you understand the game.

Congratulations. I look forward to seeing you out and working soon.

Next Steps

Now that you are 'official', you can pop by the soccer office to pick up your badge and quiz results on Monday.

Your next steps will be to make a small investment in your working future. That means picking up a ref jersey, whistle, flags, black socks, black shorts, cards, and a watch. You don't have to spend a million dollars but it does pay to have good quality stuff.

Remember to ask for a FOX 40 whistle, perhaps two, to be safe. A yellow or black jersey is best to start with. You likely already have black shorts and socks so nothing special is required there. Your card set could include a little notebook for you to use when keeping records.

Once you think you are set, connect with Marissa Byrne at and fire her your details and willingness to begin the process. Don't expect to jump in right away in the big games or even with being an Assistant Referee. She will work you gently into the system, likely with our Spring Recreational Leagues where some mentors can help you ease into your new profession.


Don't hesitate to connect with me at if you have any questions at all. We want to make your new skill an enjoyable one, a successful one, and one that you will want to continue to develop.

There are tonnes of possibilities out there waiting for you!

Good Luck and Thanks again.