Come To The New England Colonies!

By: Hannah Mubark and Sokol Delisi


The New England Colonies do not have very good soil, but you could still grow certain crops! Also, the land is full of forests, and the lumber is great for shipbuilding! The harbors allow people to trade, meaning that the sea can be a great source of wealth, for some people, possibly you!


New England was not a good place for farming. The farmers only farmed enough for themselves, so the people in New England had to find other ways to make money.  The main ways to make money in the 1700 New England colonies was to: Build ships, a possible job for you! Whaling; catch whales for their oils, a very profitable job! Fishing; and then having a fantastic feast!

Political System!

In the early seventeenth century, the Puritan community was divided into two groups: Separatist Puritans and non-Separatist Puritans. Separatist Puritans saw themselves as different from the corrupt English society around them. Disillusioned with the Anglican Church and by the King’s challenge to their beliefs, they fled to the New World in the beginning of the seventeenth century. They established what they felt were ideal Christian communities.


The Angelican Church and the Puritans were starting to lose their power in the New England area in the 1700s. Because of the large groups of diffrent backgrounds coming from many different areas, there were many new religions mixing together in the colonies. Due to the loss of power, the church had almost no say in politics.

Daily life/kids!

In the New England colonies, parents believed that their children should learn about Christianity. To that end, parents taught their children to read so they could read the Bible. And once those kids knew how to read, they could read school books, as well. Boys were taught Latin and math and other subjects needed to get into college, so if you are a boy, then this is a perfect opportunity for you! And although girls could read, they were not allowed to go to grammar school, or to college.


Due to the lack of good farming areas, slaves were not needed as much as the other colonies because there was no labor for slaves to do. They were expensive to feed because of the lack of farmland. Most of the slavery in the New England colonies was in large cities, and most people were indentured servants.