Learning Activity, Psychology

By: Katelyn Smith

Budweiser dog commercials

Every super bowl it seems like Budweiser tries to up their ratings from the year before with one or dozens of yellow lab pups and the classic Clydesdale horses. By promoting such a sweet, heart wrenching commercial. Budweiser hopes to sell more beers because of the message they are portraying even though puppies and horses have nothing to do with beer.

-A person may learn from watching these commercials that even though they are unbelievably adorable the Budweiser is just trying to win your hearts with puppies to make more of a profit.

-The pros and cons of this kind of advertising can affect young people in a positive way because it only gives the viewers a positive experience from the product without telling or showing the negative aspects.

-No this kind of advertising is false advertisement because it is persuading people by animals and not the actual product itself.

People magazine, Is thinner really better?

Over the years body image for woman of all ages has become a controversial issue. It has became less acceptable to look or act a certain way in modern day society. Being happy with appearance is becoming less common in woman these days because of the models and super stars showing a "certain" or the "right" way all woman should look instead of promoting all woman should embrace and flaunt their unique body types.

-Viewers may see from this article that even celebrities are experiencing the same problems as normal people going through anorexia and bulimia.

-The pros and cons of this is that people could see this magazine cover and realize that thinner isn't always better and the cons are that they see celebrities doing they so they want to act like the celebrities.

-Yes the magazine cover is teaching the younger generations that following what celebrities do isn't always the right thing to do.

People Magazine Gay rights

Over the years gay rights have been discussed more in society. A lot of people stated that it was wrong and unethical saying that they don't have the right to get married. But now many states are agreeing to allowing them to get married.

-When people look at this advertisement they first see that a celebrity has decided to come out about being gay and is scared it won't be accepted by society.

-The pros and cons of this magazine cover is that it shows celebrities are gay and it might change the readers minds that it is acceptable to be who you are but the cons of this cover is that more people could change their opinion of this star and the media could target him for bad publicity.

-This message doesn't reflect on what parents are trying to teach their kids.