Benefits of New Windows

How to Improve Energy Efficiancy in The Home

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Improve Energy Efficiancy in The Home

The past few years we’ve become aware that there is indeed an issue of climate change in the world. Al Gore warned us of this phenomenon years before, and now our nation may be ready to concede he was correct in his predictions. Droughts prevail in California, snow begins earlier and lasts longer in the cold-weather states and the last few years Spring and Summer have not been the usual seasons that one is accustomed to. That said, the need for good quality windows in your home is more important than ever. The bitter cold causes a chain reaction if Mother Nature’s wicked and wily winds are able to infiltrate your home through panes of glass that are not impermeable to that cold air, the result will be you will never again be cozy in your home, no matter if you wrap yourself in polar fleece, your grandma’s afghan or crank the thermostat to nearly 80 degrees.

If you’ve exhausted all other measures as to keeping your home warm in the Winter time, such as ensuring there are no sealant cracks in your windows or doors where cold may work its way in and heat will in turn work its way out, or you have insulation, and a furnace that is in working order, then you’ve narrowed it down that your windows may indeed be the culprit for the cold air in your home.

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Save Money on Home Heating

Signs You Need New Windows

If you stand close to any of your home’s windows on a cold day, you will be able to feel the “breeze” … well, maybe it is not a breeze like one finds on a warm day when the window is cranked open, but this is a subtle breeze that stirs your curtains just a little. Or, you might take a lighter or a lit match over near the window area, and you’ll soon see how that flame flickers – the cold air will cause the flame to move.

Sooner or later, you’ll decide that new windows are in order. From time to time certain window manufacturers will have specials and you might want to take advantage of those savings, or, if for example you live in Baltimore MD you could call a local services provider who is an expert and specializes in residential windows replacement. A good windows and doors replacement contractor install high quality energy efficient windows that will make your home feel great, increase the value of your home and save you money on your energy bill.

Save Money on Home Cooling

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Tame Cold Breezes

A professional glass installer must know more than just how to properly measure and fit glass into your window frames. He or she must be versed in the different types of thermal windows and their properties. Perhaps you are not only seeking windows that will combat the cold with their exceptional thermal properties, but windows which will block noise, have fire retardant attributes or provide better security for your home and your loved ones.

Residential Window Installation in Baltimore

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Modern Residential Window Design

There have been vast improvements to the triple-pane replacement windows that are made with either fiberglass or vinyl. While thermal replacement windows always promised a gain of 50% to 75% improved energy efficiency over single-pane windows, today’s thermal insulation windows far exceed the earlier versions. The expected decrease in your utility bill charges are not the only attraction of the newer type of thermal windows – there are a wide range of window styles and frames, to suit every home’s architectural style and your budget. The most noticeable change to the older style replacement windows is the triple-pane process. This window process was prized for its thermal abilities and relied on two separate layers of windows with a third panel sandwiched in between. Modern replacement windows still use a triple-pane process, but you now have the ability to get optional design elements like moveable blinds or a security grille, which the inside pane. If home security is a big factor in upgrading or making a first-time purchase of replacement windows, you should know that the newer styles feature exterior grilles for added security.

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Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is another option available in replacement windows. While sunshine and heat 365 days a year is certainly not the norm for Baltimore, the sun streaming into your various rooms eventually causes fading to floor/window treatments and furniture and upholstery. Tinting the glass makes it impermeable to the harmful sun’s rays thus preserving your valuable drapes, rugs and furniture. It also enables you and your family to sit near the window, without worries of harmful UV ray damage.

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Heavy Duty Window Panes

If you have allergy or asthma sufferers in your home, the newest replacement windows are available with extra heavy-duty window panes, guaranteed to repel dust and allergens which somehow still find a way to infiltrate your home causing added misery within the house. This is excellent news for persons suffering with such afflictions.

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Smart Windows

With climate change such a prevalent topic these days, there must be some way that we can adjust the windows to the ever-changing elements outside. With the advent of “smart windows” this is nearly feasible. In the not-too-distant future, windows will be available with the ability to manipulate the exterior coating, or glazing, to suit the weather that day. For example, the windows will accommodate the particular amount of solar heat or light and change thermal properties at the flip of a switch. The window panes of the future will be able to adjust from clear to dark and the reverse, according to the light or heat radiating through the panes of glass. Additionally, liquid crystals and an electric current sandwiched between the exterior and interior panes will be able to adjust the glass to make it transparent or opaque for privacy control by the homeowner according to their needs.

To discuss these innovative glass treatments, please contact an expert who specializes in residential window installation