BEA Today


Talent Show with Tami Armstrong

By Ceirra A.

Anybody can join the talent show if they have a talent they want to share. There is no limit for the talent show anyone can join. The kinds of songs are wide variety from country, pop, classic, rock etc. The kids join the talent show so they can show people their talent and because it's fun says Tami Armstrong. The talent show will start in April 15 1:15 and it’s located at the Blue Earth Area Middle School. The kid can do dances, skits, playing instruments and singing and lip syncing too. Sometimes they can have it memorized to do the talent show. They been doing the talent show for 10 years around with Tami Armstrong. The kids found interesting from other kids singing was when there was someone with a very great voice and funny skits. The student council will make a theme and make it interesting for kids. “ The students are very good when they do their talents” said Tami Armstrong. A couple of the of the student council will be lip syncing to the music and they will pretend to be famous singers. Some teachers can do the talent show and Arty Marringa is going to lip sync at the talent show this year too. The talent show is for everyone to have fun and share their talents to everyone in the school.
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