Romeo an Juliet Act 1 Summaries

Act 1 Scene 1 [Warring Houses and an All Too Emo Kid]

The play opens on the servants of Juliet's house desiring to pick a fight with the servants from Romeo's house. Benvolio tries to stop the fighting, but "fiery" Tybalt only intensifies the brawl. Before anyone is seriously injured, the Prince breaks up the fight. He decrees that anyone who fights in the streets of Verona will forfeit his or her life. Afterwards, Benvolio speaks with Romeo to try to find out what is causing him to cry all the time and mope around. We learn that Romeo is in love with Rosaline--a beautiful woman who doesn't love him in return.

Act 1 Scene 2 [Paris wants Juliet]

Paris asked Lord Capulet if he would marry Juliet, Lord Capulet refuses his offer. Then later in the scene Lord Capulet comes to Paris and says if you are going to marry Juliet, wait until she is fifteen. Then the Capulets are throwing a party, they send the servant out and read the list of all the people who are invited. The servant can’t read so he asks Romeo to read the list off. Then the servant invites Romeo and Benvolio to the party. Romeo doesn't want to go, but Benvolio talks him into it, so he can examine other beauties.

Act 1 Scene 3 [Paris and Juliet Marraige?]

The scene starts off with Lady Capulet asking Juliet about marriage. Juliet explains that she hasn’t really thought about it. Lady Capulet was telling Juliet that she should start thinking about marriage with Paris because when Lady Capulet was her age she birthed Juliet. The Nurse gives a speech about knowing Juliet since the day she was born. The Nurse explains various memories of Juliet as a child. From breast feeding her to weeding her off of breast feeding. After the Nurse stops rambling on, Lady Capulet tries to convince Juliet to marry Paris. Juliet says she will think about it but does not promise to do it.

Act 1 Scene 4 [Dreams and Queen Mab]

Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio are on their way to the party. Romeo tells Benvolio and Mercutio about his dream. In this dream, he thinks some tragic event happens. Mercutio tells him that Queen Mab, queen of the fairies, is the reason of his dream. Mercutio explains to Romeo that dreams are just a lie and fantasy. Romeo doesn’t think this is true, he thinks dreams can become real. Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio were late for the party.

Act 1 Scene 5 [A Hate Kiss]

Capulet welcomes everyone to his party and tells everyone to dance. From across the room Romeo spots Juliet. He starts thinking Juliet resembles what Rosaline used too. Tybalt hears Romeo talking and recognizes his voice as a Montague. Tybalt explains to Capulet that Romeo is there. Capulet tells him to just leace him alone and let him be. Romeo asks Juliet to kiss him, Juliet turns him down at first, holds his hand, and compares holding hands to a kiss. Romeo puts the moves on Juliet and ends up getting two kisses. The nurse gets Juliet and tells her that it is Romeo. Benvolio tells Romeo she is a Capulet.