WMS groups/sports


The purpose of athletics is if you want to push yourself to do better.

You have to do a lot of conditioning; that`s very difficult.You have to run miles Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays mostly.They give you athletic clothes that you have to wear and buy.You barely have any time to change into your regular clothes because you work out.


The purpose of art is to express what you feel on paper.

There`s a 15$ dollar fee you have to pay for art supplies.If you don't get your art starter out in time you will get iss. There are tons of major projects that you will have to do.Your art work is displayed in the hallway.


The purpose of volleyball is to work together as a team.

You play against other teams from schools they come to our school and we go to there school. Theirs A,B,C and D teams that you are able to make .You have to make 6:00 am practices for volleyball.You have to return your volleyball jerseys and bags back to the school.In order to make the team you have to be good at this sport.


The purpose of cheer is to give positive advice to your team.

When you first make the team its 750$ - 800$ dollars . You have to do tons of fundraisers to raise money.If you choose to do competion cheer its 350$,and it is very expensive.In the summer time you do cheer athletics and they make you do a lot of conditioning


The purpose of track is to run

There are different activities you pick in track.Some of the things you can do are hurdles,long jump,long run, short run etc.You obviously have to run so if you don't like running then I suggest not trying out.You also compete against other teams.