Xbox Through the Ages

The Big Green Machine

The Beginning of the Xbox

The Xbox started as the DirectX Box. The first try was on a Windows laptop and was very successful. It came in with many competitors such as SonyPlaystation2 and Nintendo GameCube. But what made it become popular?

The Original Xbox

The original Xbox came out in 2001, called the DirectX Box. It was different from all the other gaming systems because it didn't require any memory card to save files and games. Also you could hook up to Xbox Live and chat with anyone you want to that is online at that moment! That's cool.
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Xbox 360

The Xbox improved in 2005 to the Xbox 360. First, the new and improved Xbox expanded it's games and Xbox Live. Also the big change was that they added a Kinect Sensor which could control and interact without a controller.

Xbox One

The Xbox One just came out in 2014 as the newest version of the Xbox. The big change is that it is all in "One." It has TV, gaming, Skype, Internet Explorer and more... all from using your own voice.
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