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News from Dr. Baldwin

Dr. Baldwin's weekly blog is a a great way to get more information about events/changes/growth in our district.

ACS Restructure Information

Lots of things in the news - segments on WLOS, articles in the Citizen-Times, and our Board of Education has been moving forward on plans to restructure (or structure) our school system. We will be talking about pros/cons in the near future so now is a GREAT time to brush up on the proposed changes.

Teacher Renewal Credits

If you have questions PLEASE speak to your Ms. Cain before calling Human Resources - school-based administration can help to advocate and explain the renewal process.


Letters have been sent out to educators who have licenses expiring in June 2016. At this time, we are focusing on those who need to be renewed in June. We cannot fill individual requests to calculate your credits due to the overload of requests.

  • Each educator is responsible for keeping a file with all the pds they have attended. Records should include the title, date(s), sponsoring agency and certificates of attendance. Copies of pds should be sent to Human Resources to receive credit.

  • If you did not receive credit for a pd that you attended, you can send a copy of the certificate to HR.

  • Copies of rosters need to be send to HR, especially for any PD’s that were done in 2014 on NCEES (PowerSchool). This is the responsibility of your administrator at your site in charge of pds. You can view your transcript by logging into PowerSchool for a list of pds that you attended.

  • Rosters need to be signed by the administrator of the school or person responsible for the training.

  • State BOE requirements TCP-A-005 are listed below with new credit requirements.

  • ACS BOE policy 7800 requirement for SURL/NCLB credits states that all licensed employees are required to earn one CEU (10 hours) in each five-year renewal cycle that relates to teaching economically disadvantaged students.

1 hour = .1 CEU

10 hrs. = 1.0 CEU’s

3 College credit hours = 4.5 CEU’s

New Online Licensure System

The New Online Licensure System is now available for ACS educators!!!! New and existing ACS professional educators will be able to apply for and update their NC license online. All Certified Staff will need to register for an online account by March 25, 2016.

You can find the new online licensure system by clicking the following link:

You can also find the online system link on the district's webpage.

From ACS webpage- Go to About ACS > Click Department & Programs >Click Human Resources > Click Online NCDPI Licensure Program > Click on NCDPI Registration tab (Bottom left corner)

Key registration tips to remember:

  • Educators must use a personal, private email address (an email account you use frequently) for this account, as this will be your login for continued access to your NC educator licenses, regardless of your employment status
  • Educators must affiliate with Asheville City Schools. To affiliate, educators need to select Share License details with a School System. Select Add > Select Public School > Select the county in which the School System is located > Select Save
  • For new employees...Even if you have not received your license, you will still have to complete the registration and affiliate with Asheville City Schools.

Instructions and more information are available within the online licensure system.There are professional educator video tutorials available as well. Please click the following link for the tutorials.

In addition, I have attached instructions for registration. If you need assistance with registration, please feel free to stop by the Human Resources Office and we will gladly walk you through the process.

We hope the registration process will be a smooth transition for all.

February 9 at 1:30....remind students to come dressed as Global Scholars!

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Valentine's Day Song for Children | H E A R T Valentine I Love You Song for Kids

CRAYONS NEEDED!!! 5th Grade is sponsoring a great fundraiser for Valentine's Day but desperately needs old crayons.

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School Improvement Team

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 3pm

Media Center

Grade Reps: Please come with feedback about the changes in afternoon dismissal, needs for second semester, report cards, and feedback on the collaborative planning AND extended planning options.
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