Treating Bone Repair with Stem Cell

By Jeremy Thorn

What is Stem Cell Repair

Stem cell repair is when you extract stem cells from fatty tissue to fix any bone disorder. Usually stem cells are removed from bone marrow at the top of the pelvis, which is then injected back into the body. But now there is a new way to extract stem cells. You can remove large amount of stem cells from fatty tissue. This will be less invasive than a needle in your pelvis and is much higher in fatty tissue.

The Use of Stem Cells

Stem cells can be the building block of bone or can help assist bone growth. This techknowledgy can be used in emergency rooms to directly give to the patient to reconstitute bones when you have a trauma. This may help make people healthier and make them live a longer life.


There is some risk coming fro the use of stem cells. In the case of cancer there is the danger of further aggravating the progress of the disease. Therefore there might be some uncontrolled growth involved which may worsen the disease instead of treating it. Another problem that might occur is the use of unsupervised stem cells. For example in countries where this treatment is unsupervised and unregulated there has been reports of people using stem cells from sheep on humans. This is another main concern to many scientist.
New way to heal bones