Great Horned Owl

By: Madigan Reynolds

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They live any where from the top of Canada to South America.There nests are in forests, grasslands, and conifer forests.


The great horned owls are carnivores.They eat racoons, rabbits , squirrels , domestic birds, falcons, skunks, mice/rats, quail, geese, fish, ducks, woodchucks, and voles.


There wingspan is 52 to 55 inches.They have a white patch on there throat that is not commonly seen.The horns are not actually horns they are tuffs of feathers.


The great horned owl is generally colored for camouflage.The underparts of the species are usually light with brown horizontal barrings, the upper parts and upper wings are generally a mottled brown with baring heavy complexed darker markings.

Interesting Fact

Most owls see well in poor light but also see well in bright daylight.