The Recomposer of the Decomposed

Frank Bender

basic information

Frank was born June 16, 1941 and passed away on July 28, 2011. Frank began his career as a commercial photographer. After he changed his career path in the late 70's he became a autodidact forensic and fine artist.

Contribution to Forensics

One day in 1977, he went to the Philadelphia morgue where he discovered the capacity to intuit the form and personality of a human face from its flesh-less skull. Once he figured that out he started to do people's identifications and after receiving his first large payment, he started his career as a forensic and fine artist. His ceramic busts led to numerous murder victims and he also made faces to Akhimim mummies and remains of a 5,300 year old man.

His impact on forensics

Frank Bender's creations helped discover many victims. Throughout his forensic artist career he worked for the Philadelphia police department, the FBI, America's Most Wanted, Interpol, Scotland Yard and the governments of Egypt and Mexico. in 1990, with William Fleisher and Richard Walter, he founded the Vidocq Society which comprised forensic scientists, law enforcement officers and other professional who convene to investigate unsolved murders. Bender and his ceramic creations made over 25 identifications for unsolved murders and missing people. He changed the way people approach investigations for forensics and he had such a huge impact on forensics with little return. He passed away with not much to his name but his impact will be forever appreciated