Vitamin C

Water soluble vitamins

How Vitamin C helps the body

Vitamin c is directly connected to the production of collagen, which is a essential part of the connective tissue. Vitamin c helps the collagen keep the body together in order. Vitamin C can prevent much damage from the body, such as cancer, and heart attacks.

Major sources of Vitamin C


-Bell Peppers


-Brussels Sprouts




-Kiwi Fruit


Examples of food with Vitamin C

Consequences of not having enough Vitamin C

If You don't receive enough Vitamin C You can begin to cause serious problems with your body such as, bleeding gums, bruising, loss of teeth, tendency for bones to fracture, and loss in strength of all bones, ligaments, and teeth.

Acrostic Poem

Vitamin c is needed for proper growth on the body.

Is a water soluble liquid.

The toxicity from to much vitamin c is rare because it is regularly taken from us.

Additional vitamin c is needed to ensure all roles have been fulfilled.

Men need to receive more vitamin c than women do.

It cannot be stored in the body.

Not enough vitamin c can cause scurvy.

Collagens and vitamin c help support and keep the structure of the body.

Additional Facts

-Heart disease in some case can begin to have a decreased risk if the intake of vitamin c is increased.

-Studies show that vitamin c can reduce the duration of a regular cold.

-There have not been any studies or tests that show up to 10 g of vitamin c is toxic or not.