Registration for 2019-20

Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Are you Ready for the 2019-20 School Year?

Re-enrollment is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Here is some information to help you with the upcoming costs, timeline, and procedures. The first day to re-enroll is Monday, January 28th...2 weeks from today. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know so that we can help. Just contact our Office Manager, Berenice at, at 253-272-7012, or just stop by the front office.


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Tuition and Fees for 2019-20


Pre-K 3 & 4: $7,150 (Per Student)

K - 8:

  • $6,200 (1 Student)
  • $11,000 (2 Students)
  • $14,100 (3+ Students)

The increase for 1 student is $15/month, 2 students is $30/month, 3 or more students is $35/month. This is approximately a 2.5% increase. We do our very best to make the annual increase manageable, while still responding to the increased costs in salaries, health care, utilities, and other items that we have to account for in our budget.


  • Registration for 1 student is $150 (If paid by March 22nd) or $200 (If paid after March 22nd).
  • Registration for 2 (or more) students is $300 (If paid by March 22nd) or $400 (If paid after March 22nd).

Holding a Spot:

Your child's space is "locked in" once you have completed and signed all registration paperwork AND paid the entire registration fee. Until all of this happens, the space is not held. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have ANY questions sbout the process.

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Registration Process:

Re-registration (for current families) begins on Monday, January 28th. This window remains open until Monday, February 25th when the registration process will open to ALL students/families. At this point, if you have not completed your registration and paid your fees, your child's spot will open up to new students.

Here is the registration process:

  1. You may register online (this is the preferred method) through Renweb or pick up a paper packet through the office with Ms. Berenice.
  2. Online registration opens on Jan. 28th and can be accessed at the following link: (see information below)
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Go to Re-Enroll (NOT Apply) if you are a current family.
  4. Complete all steps for the application.
  5. Upload any necessary documents (online) or provide copies with paper packet to the front desk.
  6. Registration Fees can be paid online through Renweb.

Steps for Online Re-Enrollment:


District Code: HR-WA

Enter username and password.

If you have not created an account, please do so using the email provided to the school.

Once you are logged in:

1. Click on Family Information

2. Click Enrollment/Re-enrollment

3. Click on Start Enrollment Packet

If you have any questions please email Berenice at

***We also strongly encourage all families to set up their FACTs account information for next year. Remember that you can pay once per month (10th or 25th) or split your payment into 2 and pay part on the 10th and part on the 25th. If you have a hard time paying by the 10th of the month, you can avoid late fees by setting up an online payment for the 25th of each month!

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What If I Need Financial Assistance?

You are eligible to meet to discuss financial assistance if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have completed and submitted your Fulcrum application (with all documents uploaded for verification).
  2. Your account is current/up-to-date with no outstanding balance.

If you meet this criteria, we will be scheduling Financial Aid meetings on Feb. 20 - 22. Here is a link, so that you can schedule a 30 minute financial aid meeting:

We do our best to make the tuition accessible for all families, but please know that tuition MUST increase for all families. This is necessary for the additional costs that we have to pay to the teachers, for utilities, etc.