The Buzz 4/11/16

What you need to know to be in the know...

Our Mission:

Chandler Elementary will create a safe and positive environment where all students and adults work together using 21st century strategies to achieve high academic growth.

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Let the countdowns commence!!!

Ever feel like there is always a countdown... Countdown to school starting, countdown to the weekend, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ISTEP, I-Read, Spring Break, more ISTEP, end of year...REPEAT!!!! The anticipation while counting down can be great. Countdowns give us something to look forward to. They can be very purposeful when setting a corresponding goal. I personally love a good countdown...and say long live countdowns!! Heck I am already counting down to when kids come back to school...7 hahaha!!! All this anticipation is great, as long as we continue to take care of business in the moment.

So what are we counting down to as a collective staff, ISTEP? End of Year? Can anticipation ever be bad? Does the fear of 10 days until ISTEP, while by its nature is worthy of being a worrible event, can make us lose sight of what being ready grinding us to a crawl in covering non-tested curriculum. Does counting down to the end of the year can push us towards being less structured, using more time on irrelevant, non-instructional activities.

There is a magnificent quote by someone ("Unkown") that says, "Sometimes we're all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count." As we look towards these upcoming events, how do we continue to make our days, hours, and minutes count so our students are ready to be successful going forward? On a test? In the next grade? What gift will you provide the next grade level by front-loading their kids academically or behaviorally?

Staff Meeting

We will have a staff meeting on April 13, from 3-4 in the Cafeteria. Topics of conversation will be a blend of grade levels identifying what Science and Social Studies topics you think your team might want to create a STEAM project around next year, an update on STEAM steering committee progress, and maybe a dab of Math Process Stardards...

Building Update

We had a group of engineers in the building over Spring Break. I am currently awaiting their report about their findings. Once this comes back CO will work with them to create a plan to fix any identified issues. I know many of you are a bit nervous about seeing what appears to be damage in the walls. I too have had concerns. After speaking with the engineers however, I am resting assured that there is no immediate danger! Will there be some repairs needing done, undoubtedly! However, at this time we are safe to continue using the building without fear of walls crumbling :o)

As always, I will continue to inform you of new developments!

Lexia Update

We are currently working to renew Lexia. We hope that there will be no disruption of service. If there is we will get it reconnected ASAP. Thanks!


You should have received an e-mail from Skyward recently with information about how to sign in and complete training. Please save this information. At this time no action is required, although you are free to try it out and start training if you want. We will provide additional information about required training as it becomes available.

Turnaround Award Winners

On Friday, April 29, we will have a Turn Around Dilly Party in the cafeteria. We would love to have any teacher available to attend. Starting planning now to celebrate your chosen student! The school awrd winner will be recognized by the school board on May 9.

In-service Opportunity

Chris Hipsher is our OT, and would like to provide an in-service on how to effectively use "Zones of Regulation" to help students self-regulate. Here is a more detailed description:

The Zones of Regulation is a positive “mentoring” type program which divides our emotions into 4 “zones” and teaches children how to cope with their emotions and recognize their “triggers.”

I would like to do a mini Inservice any interested staff. Rather than using a clip up/down method that shames children and labels them as the bad kid, I'd like to encourage and help implement this program with anyone interested.

Please e-mail him if you are interested in more details or to join!

Notice: Support Staff Planning Day

Due to not having school on Friday the next 2 weeks, support staff will have planning time for our next success window on Monday, April 11. Please plan accordingly.

STEAM Resources

Making Assessment Authentic...

As we move towards a Project Based, STEAM focused approach to teaching/learning, assessment looks very similar and quite different all at the same time. Here is a great read, easy read, that looks at what assessment looks like in a STEAM classroom.

When looking at the list, which of these do you already do? Which could you be more intentional about? Which do you have further questions about?

All Things Reading

Here is a nifty little resource that has a variety or reading activities you may be able to use with your students. The last resources section has about 15-20reading activities to use with your students during reading block. Just something to peruse over break!

Indiana Academic Standards for English/Language Arts and Content Area Literacy

Educators’ Toolkit for Indiana’s K‐12 Reading Selections

Family Events:

April 15 - Dudes 'n' Donuts (during breakfast)

April 29 - Chandler TurnAround Award Dilly Bar Party 2:00 (Cafe)

April 28 - 5th Grade Family Science Night 5:00-7:00 (Gym)

May 6 - Muffins w/ Moms (during breakfast)

Summer School - Welcome Chamberlain Students!

This spring/summer Chamberlain will be installing a new HVAC system in their building. As a result, Chandler will host these students involved in summer school. This means we will need additional classroom space for them. Know that you might be asked to use your room. Once we know how many total classrooms we will notify effected teachers.

We are still looking for teachers to teach summer school, if you are interested please let me know by e-mail.

Just for fun:

TLT Update

TLT started a 3 week process of preparing for the NIET site review last Tuesday. This includes identifying reinforcements and refinements in our TAP implementation over the past year, articulating our TAP goals progress this year, and discussing how we will continue to ensure we are embedding TAP into our culture and making it sustainable long term.

As part of this process, I would love to know what you feel the TLT has done well this year, and how we could better use TAP processes to support student achievement and staff development. If you have thoughts or ideas write any TLT member an e-mail, or schedule a time to sit down with one of us to share your thoughts.

Remember that Survey season is also coming fast. We will begin taking them as they become available!

From Central Office...

Today’s Focus

Service & Purpose

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reflections to Guide Your Journey

What is the last thing you have done for someone else?

What is the best thing you have done for someone else?

How did helping someone else affect your quality of life?

How are you doing the same for someone else?

Who is someone in your life that may need help?

How can you go about making a positive impact on them?

Spanish for Educators

No matter what model of English Language Acquisition your school district uses, best practice says that culturally-competent educators are the most effective. Spanish4Educators' summer program in Guatemala allows for your educators to become immersed in the Latino Culture and Spanish Language in order to return as more culturally-competent educator for your students.

We are forming a great cohort for our trip to Guatemala from July 10-23. We offer re-certification and graduate credits, and will accept groups from 4 to 15 (including a group discount). We also offer extended programs for up to two weeks, as well as a culminating excursion to the majestic Mayan ruins of Tikal.

We have been taking groups of teachers to Guatemala for the past three years, and would love to have your educators included in this year's cohort! Please forward this email to the educators in your district who would benefit from our program. I would love to answer any questions that you have.

Best wishes,

Steve Foster

Program Coordinator -


Mobile: 970-412-7245


None this week! Sorry if I missed you!!!

Calendar Items


Mr. Hufford, Mr. Kauffman, and Mrs. Miller to IPLI.

Support staff planning AM (Meeting at 8:35)


5th grade Parent Night 6:00 (GMS)

School Bd Mtg 6:00 (admin bldg.)


Chandler TLT 3:15


Orchestra - 3:45 (GMS)


IDOE - PLN (Mr. Hufford out AM)

K-3 HA Family Game Night 6:00 (cafe)

5th grade Parent Night 6:00 (GMS)


Dudes N' Donuts during breakfast (cafe)

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In fact...Let's have a trio of Jeans Days this week!

Just in case you forgot...

Triple P

Both Alison and Leon are trained in Triple P. Alison has written this short explanation of the program.

Triple P is a parenting program in the beginning stages of implementation in Elkhart County. The philosophy behind Triple P is that ALL parents, even the most stable ones, can benefit from support; and there should be no stigma attached to asking for help. Practitioners from schools, social service agencies, and churches have been trained to help parents find strategies to deal with common behavior issues. Mr. Bauman and Mrs. Romero have recently completed training and received accreditation as Triple P practitioners. Mrs. Romero is ready to begin working with our Spanish-speaking families. In the fall, Mr. Bauman and Mrs. Romero plan to begin a 3 part series of seminars in both English and Spanish. Please speak with Mrs. Romero if you have any questions.

Retention Candidates

It's time to begin thinking about which students might be good candidates for a do-over, and hopefully you have given parents signs throughout the year. If you have someone you think is a retention candidate, please let Mr. Hufford and Mrs. Newbold know ASAP. Students being retained will need a Light's retention scale completed, and a parent conference before May 1.
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