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November 2020

Dear Bristow Run Families,

Congratulations on completing first quarter! We are extremely proud of the hard work from students, staff and our entire school community. We want to personally thank our parents for your support, encouragement and patience as we navigated virtual learning and Canvas. I can say with confidence that we all learned a lot and we are ready to tackle second quarter. Parents can access first quarter report card on Nov. 16 in ParentVUE.

As we prepare for the phasing in of grade levels, we have lots of important updates to share. I hope you find this information informative and helpful. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We look forward to having more students in the building soon.

Mrs. Jeck and Mrs. Ball

The purpose of this newsletter to give details on the various aspects of PWCS Return to In-Person School Plan!

Some reminders before you dive into the information below:

  • IP = in person
  • VO = virtual only
  • Houses are divided by last name (A-K in person students come to school on Tuesdays/Thursdays and L-Z come to school on Wednesdays/Fridays)
  • Mondays continue to be an asynchronous day
  • Kindergarten students who chose in person return on November 10th
  • 1st Grade students who chose in person return on December 1st
  • 2nd/3rd Grade students who choose in person return on January 12th
  • 4th/5th Grade students who choose in person return on January 26th (start of 3rd quarter)
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Face Coverings

Face Coverings: Return to In-Person Learning

  • It is recommended to give your child(ren) an opportunity to practice wearing a face covering for longer periods of time before to coming back to school. This will greatly help the transition to school!
  • If you child forgets their mask at home one day, the school will provide a disposable mask to your child.
  • Face coverings will be required on buses (disposable ones will be available upon entry)
  • The CDC advises that everyone should stay 6 feet apart and our room sizes currently permit that.
  • Students will all have to wear a mask while at school unless there is a documented disability or medical condition.
  • As long as the Governor-declared health emergency exists, face coverings will be required for all students, staff and visitors inside any PWCS facility at any time 6 feet or more of social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • When PE and Music are in person, students must be apart at least 10 feet and do not need to wear a mask.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to take their students outside when possible.


  • Students will sit in designated spots on the bus that are marked with tape.
  • Windows may be will be open to encourage air flow on the buses.
  • Students will be expected to wear masks and disposal face mask will be available to students when they get on the bus if they don't have one.
  • No temperature checks will be done prior to students getting on the bus.
  • Buses will be cleaned regularly by trained staff.
  • We will have staff outside as students are arriving and dismissing from school.

Breakfast & Lunch

  • Breakfast and lunch will be free until at least the end of December 2020.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be eaten in the classrooms.
  • Students will pick up breakfast when they arrive at school in the cafeteria and while maintaining social distance.
  • Lunches will be delivered to the classrooms.
  • Accommodations will be made for all students who have food allergies.

Hallway Travel

  • Hallways have lines of colored tape throughout the building for visual reminders of 6 ft distance.
  • There are also arrows showing the direction that the flow of traffic should be.
  • See photos below for examples

Hallways With Lines & Markings for 6 ft Social Distancing

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Hallways Lines and Arrows for Traffic Flow

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Water Fountains & Bathrooms

  • PWCS is temporarily suspending the use of all water fountains.
  • BRES has water filling stations that are installed at our school and are available for use.
  • All students will need a water bottle. If they don't have one we will have cases of water available at school.

Shared bathrooms (in classrooms) will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

Students will be washing hands after each bathroom visit.

Hall bathrooms

  • Certain sinks, urinals, stalls may be blocked off for spacing purposes.
  • Students numbers will be monitored when entering the hallway bathrooms.
  • Custodians will be cleaning hallway bathrooms throughout the day.

Water Fountains Closed, But Water Filling Stations Opened

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  • Our teachers will be teaching students Bristow Run's safety expectations.
  • Students will maintain 6 ft social distance in classrooms.
  • Materials will be cleaned on a daily basis.
  • Collective sharing of materials will be extremely limited in the classrooms.
  • No parent treats will be allowed in the room.

Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten Classroom Set-Up Example

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  • Recess will be outdoors, weather permitting for 30 minutes

  • The playground is section off to limit number of students in the different areas of the playground.

  • The equipment will be cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Students will also be permitted to bring small things/items to personally play with at indoor and outdoor recess.

Information from School Nurse: Mrs. Antonucci

If your child becomes sick at school with any Covid-19 and/or influenza-like symptoms, that cannot be attributed to another known diagnosis, you will be asked to pick your child up.

It is extremely important to review and complete your child’s emergency card this year. Please be sure all phone numbers are accurate and up to date. Notify the school immediately should your contact information change.

Complete your 2020-21 Emergency Card online!

Complete your 2020-21 Emergency Card online!

PWCS Daily Home Screening for Students

Parents are asked to evaluate their students for symptoms of illness each day before sending them to school. If your child has any of the following symptoms, please do not send them to school: fever greater than or equal to 100.4, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of taste or smell, sore throat, nasal congestion/nasal discharge, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, fatigue, chills, or headache.

Here the button below to access the daily home screening for PWCS students.

Return to In-Person Learning - The School Nurse

Return to In-Person Learning - The School Nurse
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Congrats To Mrs.White On Her Retirement In December!

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Virtual Art has been going fantastic!

The artwork from Zoom Art Classes is amazing and students are working very hard every day.

  • Kindergarten has been learning about lines, shapes, and patterns with a fall theme.
  • First Grade has been learning about lines, shapes, and patterns woven into lessons about size relationships, figure-ground relationships, color, and famous artist Paul Klee.
  • Second Grade has been learning about 3-D Forms, famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, and how meaning and feeling are communicated in works of art.
  • Third Grade has learned about positive and negative space, gesture drawing, symmetry, and enjoyed a unit about the Art of Ancient Egypt.
  • Fourth Grade has been learning about value, shading, contour drawing, and abstract art.
  • Fifth Grade has learned about drawing the human figure, proportion, and spatial relationships in landscape drawings.

Congratulations to the following BRES Artists!

Congrats to the following students completed amazing artwork during the Virtual Zoom Art Class Meetings which has been selected to be on display in the school's main office. This artwork is of highest quality and sets the stage for visitors who enter our school.

Thank You to the following students who always demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship , artistic ability, and effort:

Shay Baldwin - Kindergarten, Lola Fies - First Grade, Reese Baldwin - Second Grade, Emma Kate Correll - Second Grade, Bella Supinger - Third Grade, Justin Yang - Third Grade, Gianella Roberts - Fifth Grade.

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Watch this video to learn how to login to our Library Catalog to check out eBooks and to put books on hold for curbside checkout!

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Music News from Mr. M

WE DID IT! The first quarter is in the book for the 2020 school year. Lets take a look back at some music activities we did together this year.

5th grade we finished reviewing the G-clef and learning a brand-new clef called the F-clef. We also got to play Kahoots to help review both the clefs and it went awesomely!

4th Grade we learned about dynamics in music and what they do. We also played a dynamics Kahoot! We love Kahoot:)

3rd Grade We are just learning about the G-clef and are working on a new musical concept called a time signature!

2nd Grade we are learning about how we can use our best singing voice and working out our sense of beat.

1st grade we are learning how to use our voice in different ways and steady beat.

Kindergarten we are learning musical opposites like high or low pitches, fast or slow songs, and loud or soft songs. We also learned about our 5 voice types and are working on mastering how to use them.

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PE News from Mrs. Francis & Mr. Nenni

Students in grades 3-5 have reviewed the Five Components of Fitness and learned how to take their heart rates. Grades K-2 have covered personal space and locomotor skills. Some of our favorite activities so far have been the PE Chef and “carving” our pumpkins.

As we come to the end of the first quarter, the Physical Education department would like to thank Panther families and students for their patience and flexibility. We know it has not been easy for many including us. We really appreciate the student’s participation and engagement during activities. Each grade level has made great strides.

We have enjoyed interacting with all of you and are looking forward to the day we are all back in the building together. We are excited to start the second quarter and build on our health and fitness skills!

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Updates from Mrs. Leischner & Mrs. MacWhorter

School counselors are specially trained in childhood development and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff to help ensure success for every student. Programs are analyzed for effectiveness and decisions are made on how best to provide students with knowledge and skills in the areas of career, academic, and social/emotional development. We teach counseling lessons, offer small groups and meet with students individually. Our School Counseling Website can be found by going to the Bristow Run homepage and clicking on departments, then school counseling.

In our virtual lessons, we have focused on how to be a successful distance learner, conflict resolution, and things students can do to calm down when they are upset (mindfulness). Our lessons are posted on our Canvas page for students to review if they miss the lesson. We have also enjoyed meeting our newest Bristow Run Panthers during new student groups. If there is anything that we can help with, please email us at for grades K,1,3,5 and for grades 2,4. We look forward to helping all students this school year!

BRES Morning Announcements

Have you seen the morning announcements? Every Tuesday through Friday, a member of our 5th grade News Crew Team leads the morning announcements featuring a member of our mental health team with a mindful moment. There is also a link directly to this channel on our Bristow Run homepage under announcements:

Click the button below to access BRES Morning Announcements!

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Veterans Day Slide Show Pictures

Veterans Day is fast approaching! This year we want to continue Bristow Run’s tradition of honoring our students’ military family members who have served or who are currently serving in the military in some capacity.

We are asking parents to e-mail a photo of their military family member or a photo of their Military family member and loved ones to Katrina MacWhorter. Please have all pictures turned into Katrina MacWhorter by Monday, November 9th by 9:00 a.m. Her e-mail address is

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Concurrent Teaching- PWCS teachers demonstrate dual in-person and virtual classroom instruction

Concurrent Teaching- PWCS teachers demonstrate dual in-person and virtual classroom instruction
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No School: November 11th- Veterans Day

No School: November 25th-27th- Thanksgiving Break

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Friday, November 13th: Hat Day

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Friday, November 20th: Stuffed Animal Day

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Friday December 4th: Show your BRES Spirit Wear Purple and Teal or a BRES shirt

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