May 9 - 13

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Dates to Remember

For planning purposes and to help everyone be aware of ALL the events, I have included everything I currently have on the calendar for the rest of the school year. Please check regularly for updates or possible changes.

5/7 - Election Day

5/9 - 5/12 - CLOSED CAMPUS due to STAAR testing

5/9 - 3rd & 4th graders take STAAR Math Test -3rd & 4th graders can also go to the cafeteria and receive a FREE BREAKFAST. Thank you, Sodexo!

5/10 - 3rd & 4th graders take STAAR Reading Test -3rd & 4th graders can also go to the cafeteria and receive a FREE BREAKFAST. Thank you, Sodexo!

5/12 - PTA Spirit Night @ Chick Fil-A

5/16 - School Assembly - 4th grade performance @ 1:30 pm

5/16 - at 7:00 p.m. in KHES Cafeteria-Bucket Drummers, Honor Choir, and 4th grade Recorder Concert

5/17 - 4th graders visit BCI @ 9:00

5/17 - CEIC Meeting @ 3:30

5/18 - School assembly - Bucket Drummers @ 9:00

5/18 - Marilyn Dennehey book workshop

  • 1st grade 10:15-11:00
  • 3rd grade 11:15-12:00
  • 2nd grade 12:15-1:00

5/19 - All Pro-Dads @ 7:00 am

5/19 - 4th grade @ Play Day - Keller HS

5/19 - Kindergarten Field Trip - Omni Theater

5/19 - Choir & Bucket Drummers perform at the KISD Art show and reception at Keller Town Hall @ 4:45

5/20 - Magic Show @ 8:30 am NEW TO CALENDAR

5/20 - Critterman presentation @ 5:45 pm NEW TO CALENDAR

5/23 - 5/26 - Talent Show

5/23 - 5/27 - Student Appreciation week

5/25 - Keller PD "Special Olympics" Torch Run (SEE BELOW)

5/26 - 4th grade Fine Arts Field trip - Amon Carter Museum

5/27 - KHES Field Day

5/30 - Memorial Day Holiday/No School

5/31 - Keller Public Library Summer Reading program during library time NEW TO CALENDAR

5/31 - Character Assemblies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades @ 8:15 (Kinder & 4th grade character awards will take place during their graduation ceremonies) NEW TO CALENDAR

5/31 - End of Year STAFF CELEBRATION @ D'Lene's home 3:30 pm till... NEW TO CALENDAR

6/1 - Kindergarten graduation @ 8:30 am

6/2 - 4th grade graduation @ 8:00 am

6/2 - Early Release Day/Last Day of School

6/3 - Teacher Work Day

Spring Meeting Dates

May 12 - Ice Cream Social in PD room/Service Pins

May 19 - Work on Class Placement NEW TOPIC

May 26 - Faculty Meeting: KHES goals for 16-17 NEW TOPIC

Topics listed above still MAY change. I do not know if Leadership will be coming over again to discuss next year's Principal.


  • Cathy made us all look good as she pulled off yet another amazingly festive volunteer breakfast. Thanks for all you do to brighten things up @ KHES.
  • Shelly, thank you for being so sweet to drop everything and fill in as a second grade sub to support in a moment of need. You were such a blessing on a Monday morning.
  • Rochelle, thank you for stepping up & stepping in to help second grade! We appreciate you.
  • Stephen, thank you for being a part of our Spring Orientation and for being so welcoming to our new families. You show such support and have a caring heart for so many.
  • Jane, thank you for being so welcoming to all of our new kinder and 1st grade families at our Spring Orientation. I have so much confidence in you being a great leader now and in the future.
  • Sarah, I am very appreciative of all the extras you do for your team and campus. Thank you so much for watching over all the areas we used at Spring Fling and for staying so late to help clean up. You are truly a team player and an advocate for everyone at KHES.
  • Jairus, you have shared so many kind words to me that truly make my day. You have a heart of gold and the students you have will never forget all that you've done for them. Thank you for being so genuine, so helpful, supportive and persistent.
  • Jenni, thank you so much for countless hours you've spent getting everything ready for our Spring Orientation. Your presence that evening provided our new families the extra support they needed. I appreciate you so much!
  • Stephen, thank you being a part of our Spring Orientation and for being so welcoming to our new families. You show such support and have a caring heart for so many.

Most Awesome Teacher/Staff Parking Raffle

This week’s lucky winner is JENNA SMITH! Enjoy your week of parking a little closer to the building and in a very special place.

Campus News

the ONE Thing - Year 2 Results: Ideas/Thoughts from Teachers/Staff

  • Building a community of learners is in my opinion essential for student success.
  • I thinking building community starts with the staff. I believe in order to decide what best practice we should focus on next year, we need to sit down as a staff and discuss what we see in the classroom and then make our decision that drives our students' learning. Cutting and pasting from an article is not what is best for kids or our staff. Not real thrilled with any of the above ideas.
  • I love the idea of having our students work together. It helps students have the opportunity for talking and they love that. Combine it with learning and perhaps they'd learn to manage time while collaborating.
  • I'd rather keep what we had instead of starting something new.
  • I need to be more aware of accepting higher order answers to match the questioning instead of being satisfied with lower order answers. Students also need to spend more time experiencing and less time testing for data purposes. I appreciate the information that is gathered so in order for students to have a maximized learning environment, a little less of their time needs to be spent in assessment.
  • I agree with high expectations but not necessarily as worded above. I would like to see evidence in student's conduct and academics. Getting back to best practices to guide instruction and support students in achieving higher levels of questioning, rigorous work and experiences.
  • I think the idea of working on student group works sounds interesting and would work with the three c's.
  • Increasing the variety of teaching strategies used in classrooms. Although teachers make an effort to make their classes interesting to students, the overwhelming majority of classes are teacher centered and dependent upon worksheets. Teachers have felt the need to concentrate on this kind of instruction because of classroom management issues.
  • The one thing that would make a difference in the classroom is using a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom.
  • Although I understand the need of data to focus instruction, I would like to see fewer rounds allowing more time to spend doing hands on projects in small groups.
  • I chose "Increasing the Variety of Teaching Strategies in the Classroom". There are so many great ideas for ELLs in the book 7 Steps to a Language-Rich Interactive Classroom by John Seiditz and Bill Perryman. The truth that these strategies of engagement work with ALL students. Having all students participate in every lesson is so important. We have to make a conscious effort to do this.

I'd like to thank all those who shared their thoughts about our Problem of Practice. We had a total of 24 responses. This is just the beginning of developing ideas and by no means is the final result. Cutting and pasting from an article is only the start to developing the PoP. Just as we did last year, you will have the opportunity to discuss this as a staff. We will begin the conversation during the our next faculty meeting when we discuss our needs assessment.

Seven people specifically picked one of the examples provided. The example that "spoke to" the loudest was:

Building a community of learners by focusing on productive student group work. Low student achievement across content areas and lack of student interest in learning suggest that we investigate different instructional approaches. The staff is aware of research on the effectiveness of students working in groups, both on achievement and attitude toward learning, especially in urban settings. The staff has found that its efforts to design and implement projects involving students working together have resulted in chaos and little productive learning. The staff is struggling with how to design and implement productive lessons which are focused on students working collaboratively to achieve high levels of successful learning. Focus Questions: How are groups working? Are students helping each other learn? Is learning a mutual endeavor in groups? What level of significant learning do you see for both groups and individuals? How do the assignments support effective group learning? What teacher behaviors support productive group learning?

Special Olympics Torch Run - May 25

The Law Enforcement Torch Run® for Special Olympics is the movement's largest grass-roots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle, At its most basic level the Torch Run is an actual running event, in which officers and athletes run the Flame of Hope™ to the Opening Ceremonies of local Special Olympics competitions. The Keller Police Department is participating in this event on May 25th. The course starts at Keller Middle School, it will pass by Keller Harvel and then end at Keller High School.

All students and staff are invited to cheer on the runner and all of our athletes at/around 9:15 on May 25th. Let's show Keller the largest group of elementary cheer leaders in the district!

Here is the course for the Torch Run w/ the policemen on 5/25. The approximate start time will be 9:15 from KMS. They will run from Hovenkamp, to Jessie, to Johnson Road and then end at Keller High School. You can begin to take your students out to the grass/sidewalk between the stop sign at Norma Lane/Johnson Road and the exit of our parking lot to Johnson Road around 9:00. Thanks so much for supporting the Special Olympics.

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Summer School Plans

Lots of information was shared at the last Team Leader meeting.

  • All rooms in 2nd grade hall will be used for the Dyslexia Summer Camp sessions.
  • All 3rd and 4th grade classrooms will be used for summer school classrooms
  • All rooms on E-Hall are the "back up" rooms should they need additional space.
  • If there is something that you do not want others to have access to, please take it home.
  • You do not have to cover anything up.
  • If you are switching classrooms and are planning to pack up before you begin your summer break, you can leave your things in your current room or move them to your new room. It is your decision.
  • Summer school teachers will have ALL supplies given to them...even paper clips!

2016-2017 Budget

I wanted you to be aware that I am working on the KHES budget. I wanted to highlight one particular area now. Please keep in mind that your new principal will have the opportunity to make changes as needed before the final budget is approved by the board.

  • I have added additional funds to go towards the cost of subs next school year. Many K-2 teachers have shared the need to have a full day sub in your classrooms during the BOY I-Sip testing so that you can work with a smaller group of students on the online assessment.

Copier Expenses

This year our copy budget was $1465.75. As of March 31, 2016 we have spent $1666.69. We will be taking the difference out our budget to pay the district back. A large part of this expense is due to the number of answer documents that you have created per our new common assessment initiative. As we finish up the school year, please keep these in mind:

  • 2 sided copies as often as possible
  • Always use secure print - the cost per sheet is much less than the copier in the office and on the network printers
  • Use your professional judgement when determining if it needs to printed.

Where are Kristen & Jane this week?

Monday - both on campus

Tuesday - both on campus

Wednesday - both on campus

Thursday - both on campus

Friday - both on campus

District News & Events

Don't Forget... ELECTION DAY!

The last day to cast your vote is Saturday, May 7th.

PTA News

Spirit Night @ Chick Fil A on Thursday, May 12

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PTA Magic to Host 2 Special Events

On Friday May 20th, our PTA is sponsoring two events for our students and families.

  • 8:30 am - All teachers and students will join us in the cafeteria for a MAGIC SHOW
  • 5:45 pm - All families and staff are invited to the last Family Fun Night of the year. We will have CRITTERMAN coming! There will be free pizza and lots of exotic animals to see.
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Student Appreciation Week is May 23 - 27

Monday – Mindcraft Monday/Board Games

  • Students are welcome to BYOT (bring your own technology) OR they can bring their favorite board game. They will have about an hour during the school day to play age appropriate games.

Tuesday – Free Ice Cream

Wednesday – Nerd Day/Pop Corn at recess

Thursday – Crazy Hair Day

Friday – Field Day, Rita’s, Obstacle Course

Jeanna Neeley - President

Katrina Own - 1st VP/Membership

Kerri Tolar - 2nd VP/Budget & Finance

Kelli Strzinek - Treasurer

Alyssa O'Rear - Secretary