1. Register and/or upgrade your Consultant and help them place product order.

2. Ask them who they know who supports them no matter what and wants to see them succeed. Have them call those people right away to ask them to get a few friends together your new consultant doesn't know. Help them start filling their calendar right away. Set the goal of 2 presentations booked before ending the meeting and scheduling the next appointment/meeting.

3. Schedule your next meeting for zoom or in person for the next 24-48 hours. During this time they will

  • Put together a candidate list of 100 names, minimally. (think local and global)! Make sure they don't prejudge, this is a maybe list. Putting someone on a list doesn't meant they will have to call them. Have them separate local and long distance. They can use their mobile phone, social medial accounts to come up with the names.
  • Write down their "why". What is their reason for doing the business. Make sure they write out what more money or time would allow them to have or avoid. In other words, making an extra $500 is not their why. The why is what that money will do in their life.
  • Write down their hours of operations, create a schedule for when they will work their business

The Next Meeting

1. Review their "why"

  • Make sure you connect the dots between what they want and this opportunity.

2. Ask them how many hours they can commit to their business. Make sure their time

commitment and their goals are aligned.

  • 5-10 hours per week
  • 10-15 hours per week
  • 15+ hours per week

3.Review their 100 Name List - ask them who they would love to travel with, talk to everyday, do life with. Explain you can launch them with a friend and that this business is so much more fun when you do it with a friend. Have them reach out and schedule at least two "take a look" at the business appointments with these candidates.

4. Explain how to get to District Manager and Area Manager

5. Make Sure Your New Consultant Understands the Importance of getting into Activity

  • Let your consultant know that they will get the best start by holding 6 presentation in their first calendar month. They already have 2 scheduled.
  • Explain that through the repetition of in person presentations in the first month they will learn the most in the shortest time frame. Presentations teach how to present the business and the products, answer questions, and make recommendations. This leads to being able to learn how to place orders, set up accounts, understand the back office
  • Make sure your new consultant knows you will be doing all of this with them and the more they schedule the more they will learn with you their as long as its in their launch month.
  • Help your new consultant identify hosts and give tips for asking. Make sure they know that they will have to ask at least 20 to get 8

6. Have them schedule 2 presentations they will host towards the end of the calendar month

  • If someone says no to hosting for them, they can ask that person to come to one of these. If someone says no to one of these events, they can ask to send samples.

7. Send them home with the assisnment to book 2 more presentations for that calendar month


1. Schedule a Zoom the Next Day

Help them place orders and review the events of the previous night. If the event was poorly attended, use this as a learning opportunity and coach them on hostess coaching. If the event was successful, paint the picture of this volume multiplied by 6 events. For example a $700 event 6 times is $3200 which is first step and half way to District Manager. Explain that by launching one person doing the same, this would complete District Manager so they would start getting paid on their volume. And their new consultant would be in qualification for District Manager. Show them what they earned from the presentation they completed and show them what is possible for the month.

2. Get your new Consultant plugged in!

  • AFTER you have launched your new consultant, make a welcome post and add them to the team Facebook Page and let them know to check it daily.
  • PROVIDE the team training schedule
  • Let them know about events: Locally, GTC (Las Vegas in April/May every year), Retreats etc.
  • Give them team website information and Consultant Resources Smore


Dana Collins

Executive National Vice President

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International