IN YOUR CONSULTANT'S FIRST 30-90 DAYS (These things may not happen in this order. If someone says yes and is excited to get started, I will work with them to book a couple of hosted events before sending them home to work on their list of 100 names)

1. Register and/or upgrade your Consultant and help them place product order.

2. Review their Why

  • Make sure you connect the dots between what they want and this opportunity.

3. Ask them how many hours they can commit to their business. Make sure their time

commitment and their goals are aligned.

  • 5-10 hours per week
  • 10-15 hours per week
  • 15+ hours per week

4. Have them make their 100 Name List (think local and global)! Make sure they don't prejudge, this is their maybe list. Have them circle top 10 for Dream Team for video chats w/upline.

5. Explain how to get to District Manager and Area Manager use the sheets below. Explain the "Daily Method for Success" is their daily plan, and it can be found on the team website under Getting Started. They want to print our Hold 8, Find 2 and Daily Method

6. Activity - Get your ASK in gear!

  • In a calendar month have your new consultant schedule 6 or more hosted group presentations.
  • Teach your new consultant to start with in person either at a person's home or at a coffee shop, if no ask for zoom, if no ask for FB live. FB live is last resort!
  • Help your new consultant to identify hosts and give tips for asking. Make sure they know that they will have to ask at least 20 to get 8.
  • Help your consultant with host coaching
  • Make sure your new consultant knows you will be doing the activity with them and the more they schedule the more they will learn.

7. Get your new Consultant plugged in!

  • AFTER you have launched your new consultant, make a welcome post and add them to the team Facebook Page and let them know to check it daily.
  • PROVIDE the team training schedule as follows:
  1. FIRST Monday of EACH month - Nation's training @ 8pm EST (United States) via zoom Meeting ID is 4435400884, password dream.
  2. SECOND Monday of EACH month - Regions training (time and login provided by their RVP)
  3. THIRD Monday of EACH month - Discover Arbonne @ 8 p.m. EST (United States) via zoom Meeting ID is 4435400884, password dream.
  • Let them know about events: Locally, GTC (Las Vegas in April/May every year), Retreats etc.
  • Give them team website information and Consultant Resources Smore


Dana Collins

Executive National Vice President

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International