Element wanted project (Iridium)

Johnny Le, physical science, 3rd period

Date of Birth (Iridium)

* Date of birth being 1803

* The primary discoverer, named Smithson Tennant

physical description

* symbol - Ir
* A very hard, brittle, silvery-white transition metal of the platinum group
* melting point - 4435 F, 2446 C, 2719 K
* boiling point - 8002 F, 4428 C, 4701 K
* atomic number - 77
* atomic mass - 192.22

Family members of tellurium

elements in the same group/family as iridium are:

* ruthenium
* rhodium

* palladium

* osmium

* platinum

Last seen

* used for pen tips and compass bearings
* Used in making the standard meter bar which is an alloy of 90%, and 10% iridium
* Used for contacts in spark plugs because of its high melting point and low re-activity


Iridium also goes by Iris, which is Latin for "rainbow."

Likely whereabouts

Could't find anything so I'm guessing it doesn't have any whereabouts

other information

* Iridium salts are highly colored

* It is the most corrosion-resistant material known

* One of the most rarest elements on Earth


* Cost, pure : $4200 per 100g

* Cost, bulk: $2300 per 100g

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