Land of Eternal Spring

Flag, Population, and Government

  • Flag Significance: The flag features two blue stripes and on blue stripe in the middle to represent that Guatemala is a land between two oceans. The symbol in the middle is the Guatemalan coat of arms.
  • Population: 16,255,000 the race in Guatemala primarily consists of Mestizos,Amerindians, and Europeans.
  • Government: presidential representative and democratic republic, and the president is Oho Perez Molina.

currency, cultural activities and entertainment

  • currency: Guatemalan Quetzal (0.13 US dollars)
  • cultural activities and entertainment: coffee harvest celebration, semana santa, coban folklore festival, dia de los muertos, Mayan new year, and main sport is soccer.

Guatemalan food


  • Guatemalan chicken with pineapple (pollo en pina)
  • arroz con pollo chipina
  • mixtas (Guatemalan)
  • mantequilla de Alo casera
  • oven baked sweet plantains
  • rice with chayote

Tourist Attractions

  • Tikal: it is the ruins of a historical city, where many people go to visit.
  • Pacaya: an active complex volcano in Guatemala. A group of lava occupies the southern caldera floor.
  • Dulce river: you can take a tour to view this beautiful river. On the tour, you see many sights such as people making tortillas from hand.