Neo Freudians

Adler, Horney, Jung


Freudian slips usually happen when you're thinking of other things - make that other things than you're actually stalking, we mean talking about. It is a commonly accepted theory that Freudian slips reveal the actual intention of the peeper, er...speaker much better than what he or she intended to say.

  1. What is meant by a "Freudian Slip"?
  2. According to the theory of Sigmund Freud, people have many subconscious wishes, feelings and desires, which they have suppressed so that they are not consciously aware of them or are not willing to think of them at the present time.

Example 1: A man calls his wife by the name of his mistress.

Example 2: A student and his photography teacher had a mutual crush on each other. His teacher made an embarrassing slip by asking him to step in to the "bed" with her, when she was in fact asking him to step into the hall.

Example 3: A person calls his wife "mom" because he subconsciously thinks of her like his mom.

Freud and NeoFreudians

The Neo-Freudians

they accepted Freud’s basic ideas of personality structures, importance of unconscious, the shaping of personality in childhood, and dynamics of anxiety

(1) Disagreed in (2) ways—place more emphasis on the conscious mind’s role in interesting experience and environment; doubted that sex and aggression were all-consuming motivations

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