All About Crack

By Cassie & Hannah

What is Crack?

Freebase form of cocaine that has been processed from the powdered cocaine hydrochloride form to a smokable substance. Chemical Makeup: It is processed with ammonia or baking soda and water, it is heated to remove hydrochloride.

Classification of Crack

Crack is a Schedule II drug, which means that crack has a strong potential for abuse or addiction, but it still has a legitimate medical usage.

Crack Also Called...

-Big C






-Nose Candy




-White Crack

Ways To Ingest Crack

Crack can be injected, snorted, and smoked.

Other Drugs with the Same Effects

-Powdered Cocaine


-Crystal Meth



Medical Uses For Crack

Crack is sometimes used as an anesthetic in ear, nose, and throat surgeries.

Effects of Crack

-Psychological Effects: Depression, Too much Dopamine, Sadness, Paranoia, Schizophernic Tendencies, Hallucination

-Physiological Effects on the Body:Increase Energy Temperature, Mental alertness,Heart Rate Increases, Constricted Blood Vessels, Decrease Appetite, Restlessness, Mood Change, Irritability, Weight Loss, Lung Cancer, Sweating, Death, Stroke, Heart Attack, Dilated Pupils

-Duration: Snorting crack lasts about 15-30 minutes and smoking lasts about 5-10


Dependence Crack Makes on a Person

  • After just a few times using crack, you can become highly addicted and depend on crack to function even close to normally.
  • Physically, after you are addicted, you constantly need to be high just to be able to move regularly, and have the ability to think and do other simple, normal tasks correctly.

Myths About Crack

Crack is different than cocaine: This is obviously a myt, but in the 1980's politicians scared people that it was worse than cocaine and that it was completely different from cocaine.

Risks & Harmful Effects From Using Crack

The risks that come from taking crack include permanent brain damage, severe body pains, mostly chest, malnutrition and rapid weight loss, increased risk taking, mood disturbances, severe tooth decay, tolerance to the drug and addiction, a long with several other short term risks.