"making you question your sanity since 2007"

In the late winter of 2007, a once young David Karp created today's most powerful device that controls and manipulates the minds of our adolescent teenagers. By sharing those manipulated photos, on edge stalker-ish edits, and laughter infused quotes, this site took the world by storm.


Tumblr, the greatest website, aside from google, is now 8 years of age, and already holding 140 million users. That's more than you'd accomplished by age 8. The site was recently (2013) sold to 'Yahoo! Inc,' for $1.1 billion dollars, and is now more successful than ever.

With millions of new posts everyday, users are frequently drawn back to the dark abyss named Tumblr.

Tumblr takes a very light but effective approach in drawing it's users back. For example, when using tumblr, you can look up pretty much anything. If you were to, I don't know, look up Fall Out Boy, maybe? You would be presented with thousands, if not millions, of fan created GIFS, Photoshop Masterpeices, and near stalker-ish made photos.

This type of reveal is bound to turn you into an addict.

I decided to test the abilities of this dark force.


I ended up creating a profile (obviously for educational reasons..). And of course, I made it Fall Out Boy themed.

Little did I know, creating this account would result in no sleep until 4 in the morning. I found myself on this website/app for hours just looking at textposts and pictures of Fall Out Boy. I now understand the powers of this vicious site, but I will not delete my account (I already got 2 followers).

Stuff you don't need to know about Tumblr but I am required to inform you of:


Tumblr is often advertised by it's owner's more effective website, Yahoo. Every time Yahoo users visit the site, they're brought to a home page that more often than not, is containing atleast one article advertising the site.


Founder(s) of Tumblr have said to use the "Mad Men Approach". They target ads, but only the ads marketing for big bucks, no banner ads. Aside from that, Tumblr is spread through the world of this generations teenagers. Constantly sharing their posts with friends and classmates, this app/site is self productive through it's users.