Ship Barren at Sea

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Ghost Ship?

The Ancient Rime

A heartbreaking tale of a Mariner who survived the harsh conditions of the world's most deadly sea.

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A Mariner's Tale

Izzy: Good Evening and welcome to Eye-to-Eye with your host… Isabele Castle. Today’s highlighting feature is about a Mariner who has survived the ragging sea. We have here in the studio the Captain of the ship, the Mariner.

Izzy: Thank you so much for meeting with me today! How are you doing?

Sarah: Oh well thank you for inviting me her today. But to be honest, I am just happy to be on solid ground.

Izzy: Oh I bet! We have heard about your adventures on sea. Tell me a little about it.

Sarah: Well…. It was not the adventure that I had hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to be with my crew and sail the seas but something went terribly wrong….

Izzy: What do you mean?

Sarah: After being on the sea without food or water, I became very dizzy and dehydrated. Even the wood planks of the ship became very dry and stated to shrink. The ocean began to rot from the dryness. The surface turned a slimy and gross and creatures began to appear.

Izzy: Woah. What do you mean by creatures!

Sarah: Well at night crazy lights started to appear which turned the water green, blue and white.

Izzy: Oh haha I think you might have been exposed to phosphorescence. That is just when some kinds of algae and smaller animals can glow in the water.

Sarah: No. I know what I saw. And what I saw was not from this world. This might sound crazy but I think they were from the supernatural world

Izzy: I’m not sure if I am following. Explain

Sarah: Well some of my men started to dream that a spirit deep under the ocean had been following the ship ever since we left the Artic. Don’t you think it is strange that the majority of my men all had the same dream? I don’t believe that is a coincidence.

Izzy: wow! That is crazy! What did you do?

Sarah: I wasn’t sure what I had thought. I just let it go by. Until one day- I saw a little speak far from the other side of the ocean that did not belong. Something was strange about it. I rubbed my eyes- I couldn’t believe what I saw. I couldn’t make it out at first but it was another ship!

Izzy: Where did the ship come from?

Sarah: I’m not sure where it came from other than the west. I was so excited and scared when I first saw the ship coming to us, but like I said we were all dehydrated. I couldn’t scream or alert my men in any way. I bit my arm so hard, so I could suck my blood just to get my tongue moist enough to shout. All I was thinking was, “I sure hope they have water.”

Izzy: Oh I bet. And you just bit your arm like that. I’m not sure if I would be able to do something like that.

Sarah: Trust me. It was good thing that I did. As the ship came closer the more we could see the crew- it was not a pretty sight. The ship sailed in front of the setting sun and completely blocked the sun from our view. It was no ship. It was death. The ship was barren and stripped down like a skeleton. ­­­­­­­­­What we did was call over our fears- not a friend.