How To Be A Three Point Shooter

By:Ava Loftus

Basic Drills To Increase Your Range

Starting off the drills you are gonna want to start close by the basket, about 5 feet away. Shoot until you are consistently making these shots with good mechanics. Once you start to make a lot of these shots, make sure there all net shots, you can then move back a step. As you move back make sure your shooting mechanics stay the same. You are gonna repeat this process of shooting and stepping back until you reach the 3 point line. If it takes your more than 5 shots to make an all net shot from any spot this distance is out of your range for now. Also if you have to change your shot this distance is also out of your range until you get stronger and are capable of making these shots.

Different Ways To Shoot A Three Pointer

A simple way that a lot of great NBA players use, players such as Stephen Curry (below) use what is called the catch-and-shoot. Catch and shoot is basically when a player hops right when they pass the ball, this creates extra time for the player to get the shot off. This is simple because when you hop during the pass when you catch the pass you are already in your shooting stance and don't have to take anymore additional steps. Creating extra time for you to get a better shot and more time to get the shot off. Another fast and quite effective way of shooting is something called shooting of the dribble. Shooting off the dribble basically means you take one dribble and get right into your shot and will get the defender off balance, while you still have a good shot. Another way to shoot a three pointer is by something called the 1-2. The 1-2 is basically the shooting foot behind a opposite foot ahead. When they pass the ball the shooting foot goes forward and meets with the opposite foot. When shooting like this you will have a little better chance of making it. This is because you are getting your body into rhythm when you shoot it. This shot is a mix of another shot the hop shot and this shot the 1-2. Overall a great way of shooting probably takes a split second longer but overall a better looking shoot and could defiantly help increase your three point shot.
Stephen Curry All 286 Three-Pointers Full Highlights (2014-2015 Season Three-ilation Part I)

Now You Try

The Hop Shot

Off The Dribble Shot

1-2 Shot

How To Shoot Correctly

Becoming a better a three point shooter is also gonna have a lot to do with your shooting mechanics. This is what your mechanics should like and how to improve your mechanics. First of all your power for your shot comes from your legs and wrist not arms. If you arms feel like they are doing to much work you are not shooting correctly and that is what could be throwing off your three point shot. So lets fix it. Start off with starting what I call your shooting base you always want to start and catch here when shooting. A shooting base is your legs low and hands ready to shoot, legs are right under your shoulders. You are wanna start get power from down so kinda dip your body a little bit down. Then when you get back up you can release the power and shoot. When your go up with your shot you want your shooting hand directly under the ball making an L shape. Then your non shooting hand on the side which is called the guide hand. Go up and flick your wrist, make sure your wrist flicks freely not rough. You want your shooting hand to curve over like your reaching into a a jar high on a shelf. Hold your hand up until the ball hit the ground this well help the backspin and give the ball an extra chance of going in. Helping your mechanics could dramatically help increase how you shoot a three pointer.
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Showing the drill, shooting techniques and the final outcome.

Notice Anything

In the video did you notice if I was doing anything that I talked about and if so what did you see and can you remember what it was called.


Finally to become a three point shooter I say you have to put the time in to becoming good. Practice as much as you can repetition is one big key. Find drills you can do at home by yourself and teach yourself how to become good. Look at pros and try and find how they shoot and try and shoot like them. This is my guide to becoming a three point shooter.