A PROUD Picture

Things happening December 8-12, 2014

Your principal pauses....

On Friday a group from the district arrives to watch our campus and the effectiveness of our PBIS model. These individuals could be in classrooms, standing in the hallways watching transitions, and/or asking you and your students questions. As you prepare for their visit, please evaluate and make necessary changes to your class's understanding and follow-through in the strategies we implement. For example, I notice the noise level in the hallways increasing and lines are not straight. Even if we weren't having guests, a good review would be healthy because of the time of the year. :-)

The level of instructional dialogue continues to improve at ERES. I hear your better understanding of our standards; the necessity to teach with depth what the state requires; and the value of the learning progression. Thank you for pushing yourself to improve. As we improve, my hope is that it becomes easier for you. I am determined to lead us to be more unified and accountable. I truly believe this will make your job easier. Please join me in making this happen as quickly and smoothly as possible. It will make our foundation stronger!!!

January 5 PD Day

Please sign up before you leave for the holidays for our district PD day. As usual, you need to sign up in MLP. THIS IS EXTREMEMLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU ARE GETTING YOUR ANNUAL SHELTERED INSTRUCTION CREDIT!!!

Here are the locations of your training.

Reg ed and Resource teachers - ERES library


PE - KMS cafeteria/gym

Fine Arts - FHMS

STACC - Annex

Dyslexia - Texas rooms 2 & 3

Counselor - ERES

Librarians - FES library

IST - TMI cafeteria

Paras, who need to update their CPI training, must do it this day.

Please be watching for location changes. I will try to let you know as soon as I know.

Guess what...?

  • Make sure you let your parents know that the winter holiday parties are for parents only. The Sing-a-long on Friday of that week will be open to parents and siblings.
  • We only have 2 weeks until a long break!!

Happy DECEMBER Birthday!!

2 - Shelley 4 - Tiffany 5 - Connie 9 - Angela

9 - Natalie 11 - Maria (cust) 13 - Amanda 14 - Rosie

16 - Jana 24 - Patricia 29 - Marcy (cafe) 30 - Alyssa

31 - Brittany

Eagle Bucks to....

  • LeeAnn for getting us a holiday card winner!
  • Stephen and the 3rd graders for a great program
  • Our awesome SLS group for planning some fun in December!
  • SMILE committee for the birthday cakes and planning our Christmas party!
  • Liz for signing up to attend the workshop at Region XI!
  • Those who came prepared for our C & I time! Thanks!!

What's happening this week?

8- Soup luncheon - don't forget to bring your food/paper item

9 - 3rd benchmark test

StuCo Dining Night out @ Marco's Pizza

ERES Christmas party @ 4:30 @ Palio's

10 - Warm-up Wednesday (athletic ensembles only, no sweatpants) Jeans must have a jeans pass. :-)

3rd benchmark test

Danielle out AM

Brett out PM

11 - Lockdown drill

Faculty meeting @ 3:20 (K hosts)

ERES Musical @ 6:30

12 - District PBIS team to visit @ 12:00-3:00

Anne out

Danielle out

Let's work on writing at ERES!!

12/10- K-1 Set up and Managing a Workshop

12/17- K-1 Conferencing