Come to The Fight of Egnatius!

Come and Watch Egnatius Achieve His Seventh Win!

Why You Should Be Eager To Join Us and Watch!

Well, first off, for you plebeians out there reading this, Free Food!

Also, he is one of the few Sagittarius (Skilled Bowman) in the entire world!

Experience one of the most exciting events of the year!

Full of Exciting Surprises that Await You!

We are also celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Defeat of Carthage!

5th Anniversary of Carthage's Defeat!

Friday, July 14th 141 at 1pm

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Come and grab your seat early!

Seats will fill up fast!

Price per Person: 1 Denarius

Price per Group of 7 or more: 5 Denarii (Add 1/2 Denarius per Person)

Some of the Awesome Free Stuff that You May Receive!

-A Small Bag of 14 Denarii!

-Every 500 People Will Get a Basket of Fruit!

-If you are selected, you can get a chance to meet Egnatius before the fight!

-Get a brand new Tunic!

-And Much Much More!

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