By Reese Dillon in Mrs. Reiger's Classs

Ireland is a country that is part of the continent of Europe. Its capital city is Dublin. Ireland is a country with a beautiful geography, a government system similar to ours, and a rich culture and history. From the time people were first known to settle on the 'Emerald Isles,' as it is sometimes called, to today, Ireland is an interesting and beautiful place.(Note: This report is only about the Republic of Ireland, as Northern Ireland belongs to the U.K.)
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Physical Geography

Ireland is home to many landforms, animals, and physical features that are beautiful and unique to the country. Some important landforms found in ireland are the Giant's Causeway, the Mourne Mountains, The Shannon River, etc. These landforms are beautiful representations of the land. for example, the Giant's Causeway is a large area of basalt columns interlocking together. It was created long ago by a volcanic eruption, and is now a spot for great tourism.

There are also other places to visit, such as Lough(lake) Erne. This place is relaxing, where children can play, and farmers can grow produce and grains, and herd livestock, with a good water supply. Fishing and boating is another activity here. This lake is very beautiful, and a wonderful place to spend the day. below is a picture of Lough Erne.

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Vegetation and Animal Inhabitants

Ireland has a wide variety of plant and animal species. In plants, It grows various mosses, molds, fungi, hornwarts, algae, charophytes, flowering plants, liverworts, pines, ferns, and mushrooms, as well as the produce grown by farmers. In animals, it is inhabited by foxes, hedgehogs, stoats, badgers, otters, hares, pine martens, squirrels, voles, bats, one native species of reptile, frogs, newts, and toads, various birds, fish, dolphins, whales, seals, sea turtles, etc.
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Viviparous or 'Common' Lizard

Climate and Natural Resources

Ireland is a very wet, mild country. In certain areas, it can receive up to 2000mm of rainfall per year. The country is fairly warm all year-round, and its average temperature is 50'F. This is largely due to a band of warm water off Ireland's Northwestern coast called The North Atlantic Drift, which keeps the country in its mild temperatures.

Ireland has many natural resources such as natural gas, petroleum, peat, copper,silver, limestone, gypsum, zinc, barite, etc. It also has good fishing and agriculture, though the soil is very poor in most areas.


Ireland's history is very rich, and has many twists and turns. Many battles have been fought, often due to conflicting religion between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which belongs to the U.K. Some battles that happened were the Easter Rising, which was caused by people losing faith in the British government to care for them after a famine, and the Irish Civil War, which was fought by Irish Republicans and Irish Nationalists over the Anglo-Irish treaty. The conflicts were usually between the IRA(Irish Republican Army) and the British Army.


Ireland's culture is as rich and unique as its past. it has a wide variety of foods ranging from eggs, cheeses, sausages, fish, and bread, to scones, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bacon, and more. There is beautiful architecture, and unique music and instruments, usually very lively. There are also many legends, such as the legend about the Giant's Causeway. Many Famous books and playwrights originated from here.

Most of Ireland, about 90%, are catholic. they have many celebrations and festivals, such as their Adare Jazz festival.

In Ireland, currency is in the form of the Irish pound. in 2000, .87 IREs were equal to one U.S. dollar. Ireland imports machinery, food, paper, plastics, vehicles, chemicals, equipment, etc. It exports machinery, technology, and electronics. Ireland has a very prosperous country. Its per capita GDP is $31,900.


Ireland's government operates through Representative Democracy, much like the U.S. Its bordering country is the U.K., even though they are seperated by water. Ireland's population is 3,632,944 people.

People Today

Today, Ireland is quite peaceful. the citizens are well educated, and have many activities to participate in, such as gaelic football, soccer, rugby, hockey, horseback riding, racing, fishing, etc. Most adults will head to their local pub after work.