To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.


  • October is Careers in Construction Month. Thank you for celebrating this in each of your own unique ways. I'm thrilled with our twitter presence and how we are utilizing that platform.
  • NCCVT was the recipient of the Service Source Business Partnership of the Year award. This is quite an honor for us as a district and it really is the work of several incredible people who truly embrace that all students can and should receive a world class education. Thank you Delcastle for your efforts toward constant and never ending improvement. A few DTHS students were also award winners for their outstanding work.

Weekly Brief

1. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Lindsey family. Not much to say about this except that life is very fragile.

2. This week I met with the Governor to discuss some of the challenges education and NCCVT in particular is facing. It was a productive meeting as he shared his vision, some of his challenges, and his belief in NCCVT as an integral part of the solution. It's critical for us to always remember that as a high school only district we are viewed as one of the major conduits between school and work.

This conversation directly touches on the work of the Redding Consortium as well. I attended our second meeting and we identified clear points of interest and priorities to govern our work. Topics like redistricting and structural racism are some of the challenges we are trying to discuss.

3. Last week we had a terrific PD and I witnessed in Cookie's EMS class her use of Gimkit as a review tool for an upcoming test. I posed two questions last week, did you answer them? I should be able to ask this question of any of you and receive a very clear response.

  1. how will you support what was learned during the conference so it positively impacts teaching and learning?
  2. how can you build on this learning throughout the year?

4. A special thank you to St. Georges for welcoming the Department of Ed to observe classes to calibrate the new teacher rubric. There is no doubt that this is extra work and time, but honoring these type of requests puts us "at the table" for very important conversations that ultimately impact our students and teachers.

5. Job well done to HVT for an incredible ceremony for Bilal Nichols and retiring his jersey. It was a packed game with Howard also bringing two bus loads of students (something I was not in favor of originally) to support their team.

6. Getting Better. A group of teachers, let by Terri, attended the Catlin Tucker PD, which I heard was fantastic.

Big picture
Big picture

Up Ahead: Engagement

Always remember that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement. To this end, there are critical behaviors that cultivate a winning environment and one is skill to continually develop is language. The words we use are very powerful and can lift or crush those you desire to lead. Avoid these 7 words for greater clarity and impact:

  1. Just (protector words)
  2. Very or absolutely (drama words)
  3. I think or Arguably (protector)
  4. Sorry (apology words) Don't confuse this w/ an apology for a wrong doing.
  5. Like or whatever (filler words)
  6. Actually or Obviously (superior words)
  7. I'll try (ability words)

As you conference with people, whether during a post-observation or on an issue, the language we use is a key determiner in influencing those we lead.

Quote on Principle M--Management

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." ~Peter Drucker

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Going Beyond...

Although leadership continues to evolve and grow dynamically, there is a seminal work on management that is a must read! Don't let another week go by without reading or listening to The One Minute Manager.

Important Dates

  • Teacher of the Year Banquet - October 15
  • Howard Field Ribbon Cutting - October 17
  • 1st MP Ends - October 25
  • Board Meeting - October 28
  • District Open House - November 3
  • Veteran’s Day (Schools & Offices Closed) - November 11