Lorren Vega

what is depression?

Depression is a strong mood involving sadness,discouragement,despair or hopelessness that lasts for weeks, months or even longer.

Signs or symptons of depression

  • Negative feelings and mood
  • negative thinking
  • low energy and motivation
  • concentration
  • physical symptoms
  • social withdrawing

How does it affect someone?

It can happen in reaction to difficult stressful life events. It affects their emotion and mood. It causes body aches and pain.

Other names or forms?

there aren't any other forms.

how is it diagnosed?

inherited traits from family members. It can happen in reaction to difficult or stressful life events.

How is it treated?

  • You can get a medical checkup
  • talk to a concealer
  • get support
  • help yourself get better

Interesting facts or not

Its different from regual sadness because it lasts longer and affects more than just a persons mood. Depression can get better with the right attention and care.