Vanguard SAMR

by: Dusty Hanson, Camelback Desert School


  • To familiarize ourselves with the SAMR model (what it means and why we use it).
  • To deepen our understanding of classroom technology integration.
  • To bring about collaboration among staff and to share best practices with a focus on integrating technology.

What is SAMR?

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ideas to use to move up the SAMR Model

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How 5th grade uses technology to teach math

It all started with how can I get students to visually see math?

Mr. Hanson's class solved a simple fraction problem: 5/8 + 1/8
(The students have solved problems this way, their whole life, it is not a challenge).

The next step, was to have students solve this same problem using visuals, we drew boxes to represent the problem. 5 boxes were green, 1 box was red, and 2 were of no color. I asked what was the total of color boxes?

As, I did this, I realized that I was creating a story problems, and if I can do this, so could the students.

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Student Created Story Problems using Fractions (Keynote)

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