The Troubles...An Ethnic Conflict

By Peter J. Nelson-Broderick

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The Root Of The Troubles

“The Troubles,” a period of instability in Northern Ireland, started in 1968 and ended in 1998, began with the banned Londonderry civil rights protests. Although the conflict in Northern Ireland dates back to 1167 when the British first made claims to Ireland. The political conflict turned religious in the days of Henry VIII and the persecution of Catholics began in Ireland. Financial effects of Catholic(Irish Nationalists) and Protestant(UK Loyalists) conflicts continued and became violent much like the civil rights movement in America. The protests were led by Catholic nationalists seeking equal rights for housing, jobs, and political representation. October 5th, 1968 protesters were bombarded by police officers from the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) after three days of protesting. Even hundreds of years after the population intermingling, the larger part of Ireland remained Catholic and Northern Ireland, Protestant and the economic and social discrepancies erupted in violence.


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Another Look At Spatial Extent

The spatial area of “The Troubles” was primarily in Northern Ireland, however there was an attack Dublin. Other attacks in England included London, Yorkshire and Birmingham. The area was very concentrated, but there were threats that extended as far as Gibraltar and the violence was not targeted only towards key people, many innocent civilians including members of their own subgroups were killed.