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History of McDonalds

Here is a cool history on McDonald.Maurice and Richard McDonald started McDonald in San Bernardino,California in 1954.Roy Kroc flew in to California from Chicago to see the McDonald business.The McDonald's agreed a deal with Roy Kroc to buy McDonald's.Roy Kroc opened the McDonald in Des Plains,Illinois.Roy Kroc bought McDonald's because they had 8 multimixers were used to make milkshake.

The progression of McDonalds

McDonald's started like the size of a ice cream shop in San Bernardino, California.The next change of McDonald was Roy Kroc flew in from Chicago to check out McDonald's and found how great it was then he agreed with the McDonald to buy there restaurant.What changed next was that he opened his first McDonald on Des Plains,Illinois.They added the big mac because they wanted to have double the burger.They started to get popular and spread rapidly in 118 different countries.Right know they have 35,000 McDonald's in the world.Roy Kroc was trying to add different foods on the menu but the one he chose was not popular so they took it of the menu.

McDonalds had a big impact on society.

McDonald tried to be the best restaurant in the world.It had kids meal so kids can come to make it more popular.Every one wanted to go to McDonald because they had the milk shakes.McDonald could make 5 milk shakes at once so it would be faster.The big macs were famous to because a guy in Pennsylvanian said they should make a burger that is double burger so people have a change on the menu.

McDonald had a Ronald McDonald so kids wanted to go McDonald to see him.With Ronald McDonald there McDonald was more kid friendly.Ronald McDonald was well known across the world so what restaurant they want to go to they say McDonald's.

If there was no McDonald then they wont be popular and none would now who Ronald the McDonald is and burger king would be popular not McDonald.

Important person from company

The important person to this company was Ray Kroc.Ray Kroc Was important because he was the one who made McDonald's famous and great.Ray Kroc made the Ronald McDonald house because then when there kid is sick they can go to the hospital.He had diabetes so he had some health issues so he made the Ronald McDonald's house.Before he worked at McDonald he worked at a real state and moved across the country like to Florida but he moved back to Chicago.He tried to put new things on the menu but they were not popular.Ray Kroc was a great man and a great influence to this company.
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popular product

The best Products at McDonald were big macs and the shakes.The shakes were popular because you could make 5 at once with the speedy service.The big mac was popular because its two hamburgers stacked on one.
McDonald's - "Shamrock Shake!" (Commercial, 1983)